Aspire is one of the oldest manufacturers in the vaping industry, and one of the reasons why the brand has earned such prominence within the vaping community is because they’ve always created some of the world’s best devices and tanks for mouth-to-lung inhaling. When pod-based vaping systems became popular, it was only natural that Aspire would enter that market segment as well. Most pod vaping systems, after all, are designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling. Aspire took the pod vaping paradigm to new levels, though, by creating pod systems that used the same atomizer coils as the company’s famous full-sized vape tanks. The Aspire Tigon AIO continues that tradition by using the coils for the famed Aspire Tigon tank – and that means this device gives you some benefits that you can’t get with any other pod system.

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If you already own the Aspire Tigon AIO or have ordered it and are waiting for it to arrive, this guide is for you. Although it’s always a good idea to learn the specifics of a new vaping device by reading the printed manual, we understand that you’re going to want to get up and running as quickly as possible after receiving your new vape kit. This Aspire Tigon AIO instruction manual hits the high points, so you can start vaping in minutes rather than hours. We’ll also conclude this guide by explaining how to fix the problems you might encounter with this device.

What’s Special About the Aspire Tigon AIO?

If you don’t already own the Aspire Tigon AIO, you might be curious about the features that make it different from other pod vaping systems. This device has some fairly unique points, and we’d like to walk you through them.

  • The Aspire Tigon AIO uses the same coils as the Aspire Tigon tank. To enjoy the performance of a full-blown mod with a pod-based vaping device is unique.
  • The Aspire Tigon AIO pod has a spring-loaded door that automatically snaps closed to prevent leaking when you remove the coil. The door makes it possible to remove the coil while the pod still has e-liquid in it.
  • The Aspire Tigon AIO has three available coils with resistances of 0.4, 0.7 and 1.2 ohm. Between the coil selection and the fully adjustable airflow, this device can easily adapt itself for any inhaling style.
  • The Aspire Tigon AIO pod has a twist-to-lock system to ensure that it can’t fall out – even if you drop the device.
  • The Aspire Tigon AIO has a USB-C charging port and uses a 2.0-amp charging current to get you back up and running quickly when the battery dies.

Aspire Tigon AIO Instruction Manual

With those details out of the way, let’s learn how to use the Aspire Tigon AIO. This quick-start manual will run through the basics to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

How to Charge the Aspire Tigon AIO

You’ll charge the Aspire Tigon AIO by connecting it to your computer using the included USB-C charging cable. The device uses colour coding to let you know what’s happening as the device charges. When the LED flashes green and then turns off, the charge cycle is complete.

How to Fill the Aspire Tigon AIO Pod

To fill the Aspire Tigon AIO pod, first remove the pod from the device. Twist the pod clockwise to disengage the lock and then pull the pod straight up to remove it. Invert the pod. On the bottom, you’ll see a silicone plug. Pull the plug and add your e-liquid to the pod’s filling hole. When the pod is nearly full, replace the plug and return the pod to the device.


How to Replace the Aspire Tigon AIO Coil

One of the great things about the Aspire Tigon AIO is how incredibly easy it is to replace coils with the simple push-pull system. Remove the pod from the device and pull the coil straight out to remove it from the pod. The spring-loaded door snaps shut, keeping the e-liquid inside the pod. To prepare a new coil for use, put a bit of e-liquid on each of the coil’s wick openings to prime the wick. Push the coil into the pod and place the pod back into the device. Every time you install a new Aspire Tigon AIO coil, you should wait about 5-10 minutes before vaping to ensure that the coil’s wick is completely saturated with e-liquid.



How to Use the Aspire Tigon AIO

The Aspire Tigon AIO is a bypass device, which means that it automatically sends the battery’s full available power to the coil when you vape. All three Aspire Tigon AIO coils will work perfectly at the battery’s maximum available voltage, giving you no burning or charring sensations when you vape. The benefit for you is that the Aspire Tigon AIO has no settings to tinker with; all that you need to do is add e-liquid and vape. You’ll vape by holding the device’s fire button while puffing on the mouthpiece. Move the tab above the fire button until you achieve the ideal airflow characteristics for a satisfying mouth-to-lung vape or a restricted direct-to-lung hit.

When Is It Time to Replace the Aspire Tigon AIO Pod?

The great thing about being able to replace the coil in the Aspire Tigon AIO while keeping the pod is that you’ll save a lot of money with this device. A box of Aspire Tigon coils costs about the same as a pack of one or two pods for most pod vaping systems. The pod itself is difficult to clean, though, and you’ll eventually want to replace it. You’ll know it’s time for a new pod because the remnants of your old e-liquids will begin to collect inside the pod. The residue will muddle the flavour of the e-liquid in the pod, making it difficult to taste. If you’re unhappy with the flavour that you get from your pod – even after replacing the coil – it’s time to consider buying a new pod.

How to Fix Problems With the Aspire Tigon AIO

The engineers at Aspire have spent years refining the company’s designs, and you can expect as a result to have virtually no problems when using the Aspire Tigon AIO. If you do experience a problem, though, we’re going to help you find the solution. Use these tips to fix the most common Aspire Tigon AIO problems.

Aspire Tigon AIO Not Charging

If nothing happens when you connect the Aspire Tigon AIO to your computer, you should try a different USB-cable. You probably have an extra USB-C cable that you use for charging your mobile phone. It’ll work fine for charging the Aspire Tigon AIO, but you should always use your computer as the power source because the wall adapters for mobile phones and tablets use higher charging currents than vaping devices can support. If your Aspire Tigon AIO doesn’t charge with a different cable, try using a different computer or a different USB port.

Aspire Tigon AIO Not Hitting

If the Aspire Tigon doesn’t hit when you press the fire button, watch the device’s indicator light to find out what’s going on.

  • If the light flashes red – or the device doesn’t do anything at all – the battery is dead. Charge the Aspire Tigon AIO fully before vaping again.
  • If the light flashes purple, the device has detected a short circuit. Replace the atomizer coil and confirm that the coil and pod are installed correctly.
  • If the light flashes yellow, the Aspire Tigon AIO has overheated. Keep the device out of direct sunlight and give it some time to cool down before vaping again.

Aspire Tigon AIO Gurgling or Leaking

With the Aspire Tigon AIO, you have three different ways of changing your vaping experience if you’re not satisfied.

  • You can adjust the nicotine strength of your e-liquid.
  • You can use a different atomizer coil. The lower the coil’s resistance is, the more vapour the Aspire Tigon AIO will produce.
  • You can adjust the device’s airflow. With the airflow tab in the fully open position, you’ll get the biggest clouds.

The one thing that you shouldn’t do is puff as firmly on the Tigon AIO as you would a cigarette. If your Aspire makes a gurgling sound when you vape – or e-liquid leaks out the pod’s air vents – it’s likely that you’re puffing too hard and are drawing excess e-liquid into the atomizer coil. Use less air pressure when vaping.

Aspire Tigon AIO Coil Burning Out Quickly

If you use a coil-friendly e-liquid, you can expect the coils for the Aspire Tigon AIO to last several days each. If you find yourself replacing your coil every day or two, you’re probably using a heavily sweetened e-liquid. Sucralose drastically shortens coil life, and you’ll find yourself spending significantly less on coils if you use unsweetened e-liquid instead.