The Freemax Maxus 100W is part of the new generation of vaping devices. It produces vapour clouds of incredible volume and density, but it also fits comfortably in your pocket – and it’s the result of two very important innovations from the vaping industry.

If you’ve noticed that the manufacturers of vaping products don’t seem to be coming out with as many dual-battery box mods these days, there are two very good reasons for that. The first reason is because mesh coils have arrived and changed everything about cloud chasing. Before mesh coils arrived, the only way to get truly impressive clouds when vaping was to use a bulky low-resistance coil requiring well over 100 watts of power. Therefore, you simply couldn’t get the biggest clouds unless you used a dual-battery device.

Mesh coils have changed that because they offer the same level of cloud production with significantly lower power requirements. Thanks to mesh coils, you can now get incredible clouds with a single-battery device; that wasn’t possible a few years ago.

The second important development that helped to give rise to the Freemax Maxus and devices like it was the vaping industry’s adoption of the new 21700 and 20700 battery cells. Offering much greater energy density than the 18650 cell with only a slight increase in size, the 21700 and 20700 cells have enabled the creation of single-battery devices that deliver up to 100 watts of power.

The Freemax Maxus distils both of those innovations into a single device, making it an ideal vape mod for intermediate and expert vapers alike – and in this Freemax Maxus instruction manual, we’re going to teach you how to use it.

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How to Use the Freemax Maxus 100W Mod

If you’ve used other box mods before, chances are that you’ll feel right at home with the Freemax Maxus. If this is your first full-featured vape mod, though, we’d like to share a few tips that can help you get started quickly.

How to Charge the Freemax Maxus

The Freemax Maxus is a removable-battery mod, so you’ll need to provide your own 21700, 20700 or 18650 cell. You may find it handy to purchase a standalone battery charger because that will allow you to vape with one battery while charging another. Alternatively, the Freemax Maxus 100W has a built-in charging port that allows you to charge the battery while it’s inside the device. To install the battery, lift the mod’s magnetic side panel to remove it from the mod. Insert the battery with the positive pole facing the top of the mod and close the battery door. Charge the Freemax Maxus by connecting it to your computer using the included USB cable. The mod has a digital display that alerts you when the charge cycle is complete.

One special feature of the Freemax Maxus 100W is that it has no battery polarity requirement. If you happen to insert the battery with the positive pole facing the bottom of the mod, it’ll still work.

How to Fill the Freemax Fireluke 3 Tank

The Freemax Fireluke 3 has a sliding top that makes filling easy. When you examine the tank’s top hardware, you’ll see a coloured marker. Place your thumb on the marker and push gently to slide the tank open. That’ll expose the filling hole. Add e-liquid through the hole until the tank is nearly full before pushing again to close the lid.

One of the innovations of the Fireluke 3 tank is that the top hardware has steel bearings to provide friction and help prevent the tank from popping open at an inopportune time. You may find, however, that the lid is a bit difficult to open and close when the tank is new. It’ll loosen as you use it.

How to Replace the Freemax Fireluke 3 Coil

The Fireluke 3 tank doesn’t have a fixed internal chimney; the coil is the component that holds the tank together. Using the coil as the tank’s chimney helps to maximise flavour quality and vapour production, but it also means that the Fireluke 3 may come apart when you open it to replace the coil. You should only replace the Fireluke 3 atomizer coil when the tank is empty.

To replace the coil, remove the Fireluke 3 tank from the Maxus mod and twist off the tank’s bottom metal component. The coil is connected to the tank’s base. Remove the coil and discard it. Prepare the new coil for use by wetting the cotton wick with e-liquid. Place a little vape juice on each wick opening until the cotton looks damp. Screw the coil into the tank’s base before reassembling and refilling the tank. Give the coil several minutes to become completely saturated with e-liquid before you start vaping.

Troubleshooting Problems With the Freemax Maxus

The Freemax Maxus is a true high-end vaping device that’ll generally give you a completely trouble-free vaping experience. If you happen to experience a problem with the Freemax Maxus 100W, though, we’re going to provide some tips that may help. Use these tricks to fix the most common problems that you might experience with the Freemax Maxus mod.

Freemax Maxus Not Charging

The Freemax Maxus has a built-in USB-C port that provides a 2-amp charging current to get a dead battery back into action quickly. If nothing happens when you connect the charging cable to the device, the most likely reason is that the cable itself has a problem. Your phone or tablet most likely charges via USB-C, so try charging the Freemax Maxus with that cable. Don’t use your mobile device’s wall adapter, though; connect the mod to your computer because a mobile device charger uses a high-wattage current that isn’t good for vaping batteries.

If your Freemax Maxus still doesn’t charge with a second cable, you may find it helpful to try charging the battery with an external battery charger. If the external charger is unable to charge the battery, you’ll know that the battery has failed and requires replacement.

Freemax Maxus Not Working

If you’ve already confirmed that the battery is fully charged, the most likely reason why your Freemax Maxus might “stop working” is because the device’s safety lock is engaged. Press the fire button five times quickly to disengage the safety lock.

Freemax Fireluke 3 Spitting, Popping or Gurgling

The Freemax Fireluke 3 tank is designed for use with mesh atomizer coils, which are generally very quiet during operation and tend not to pop or spit. It is extremely unlikely that you’ll ever experience those problems with the Fireluke 3, and if you do, you should consider trying a thicker e-liquid. The coils for the Fireluke 3 have very large wick openings to accommodate thick e-liquids because those are the types of e-liquids that people generally use with powerful vape tanks.

If you use the Fireluke 3 with an e-liquid containing less than 50 percent vegetable glycerine, the e-liquid could cause gurgling because it’ll flow too quickly through the large wick openings and flood the coil. With the Fireluke 3, you’ll have the best possible experience if you use an e-liquid containing at least 50 percent VG.

Freemax Fireluke 3 Leaking

The problem we’ve just described above – using an e-liquid that’s too thin – will surely cause your Freemax Fireluke 3 tank to leak because that’s what invariably happens when a tank’s atomizer coil is flooded. If you aren’t using a thin e-liquid, the next thing that you should check is the tank itself. If the threads are crossed or an internal gasket is warped or cracked, the tank will leak because it’ll fail to maintain a proper internal vacuum. Disassemble the tank, checking for damaged gaskets and replacing them if necessary. When you reassemble the tank, connect the components carefully to avoid crossing the threads. Don’t over-tighten the tank because that can stretch the gaskets out of place.

Freemax Fireluke 3 Coils Burning Out Quickly

You should get several days of high-quality vaping out of each Freemax Fireluke 3 coil. If that’s not happening because your coils are burning out quickly, you should consider using a different e-liquid. Do you taste a lingering candy-like flavour on your tongue when vaping? Your e-liquid is probably sweetened with sucralose, which leaves a dark, sticky residue called “coil gunk” on an atomizer coil and will quickly cause the coil’s flavour quality to degrade. Try an unsweetened vape juice for much better coil longevity.