For the past few years, the product designers at SMOK have worked overtime in developing the world’s best pod vaping systems. SMOK’s pod systems really turn heads, and the reason why SMOK’s pod-based devices have been so successful is because they’ve brought many of the most popular features of full-sized vape mods to the world of pod systems.

With the release of the SMOK Guardian mod, though, the people at SMOK have decided to reverse their strategy by bringing some of the features of pod systems to the world of vape mods. The SMOK Guardian includes a tank that uses coils from the famed RPM series, and with the amazing RPM coils, the Guardian mod combines the refinement and convenience of a pod-style vape coil with the battery power and e-liquid storage of a box mod.

If you’ve decided that the SMOK Guardian mod has the perfect balance to deliver your ideal vaping experience, we agree that you’re really going to love this device – and while you wait for it to arrive, this page is the perfect starter guide for you. In this SMOK Guardian instruction manual, we’ll hit all of the high points and explain how to get up and running with this device in a matter of minutes.

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How to Use the SMOK Guardian

Although we wouldn’t want to say that our guide can completely replace the full printed SMOK Guardian manual, we think that it comes pretty close. Wouldn’t you rather start using your device now and sit down to read the full manual later? We’re here to help. In this section of the guide, we’ll teach you how to use the SMOK Guardian.

How to Charge the SMOK Guardian

The SMOK Guardian mod has an internal 1,600 mAh battery and charges via a built-in micro USB port – and although the Guardian has an impressive battery capacity, you can top it up quite quickly thanks to this device’s support for 2-amp charging. If you connect the SMOK Guardian to your computer, it’ll use a 2-amp charging current automatically. The SMOK Guardian mod only needs about 90 minutes to charge fully.


How to Fill the SMOK TF RPM Tank

The SMOK TF RPM tank has a child-resistant lock that keeps your e-liquid away from little hands and also helps to prevent the tank from popping open at inopportune times. To open the tank, press the release button at the top, and the tank’s lid swivels to the side. Viewing the tank from the top, you’ll see the gasket covering the filling opening; it’s offset slightly from the tank’s centre chimney. Push the gasket down with the tip of an e-liquid bottle and squeeze gently until the tank is almost full. Swivel the tank’s lid back to its original position and push until the locking mechanism clicks. When you fill the SMOK TF RPM tank for the first time – and each time you fill the tank after installing a new coil – you should let the tank stand for at least five minutes before you use it.



How to Replace the SMOK TF RPM Coil

The SMOK TF RPM tank has a convenient push-fit system that makes coil replacements incredibly easy. You’ll know that it’s time for a new coil because you’ll start to notice a flavour reminiscent of burned sugar when vaping. As you vape – especially if you use sweetened e-liquid – residue begins to collect on the coil. When the residue thickens, that’s when the coil’s flavour quality begins to change – and when the flavour change is so drastic that vaping becomes unpleasant, it’s time for a new coil.

To replace the SMOK TF RPM coil, remove the tank from the SMOK Guardian mod and invert it. Twist the tank’s bottom hardware to remove it. Pull the old coil straight up to remove it from the tank’s chimney. Discard the old coil and push a new coil into the tank’s chimney. Reassemble and refill the tank, allowing the tank to stand for at least five minutes before using it.

How to Vape With the SMOK Guardian

The SMOK Guardian looks a lot like other box mods – and if you’re new to vaping, you may have looked at some of those mods and decided that you’re not quite ready to step up to a vaping device with that level of complexity. The SMOK Guardian is different. It has the box mod form factor, but the streamlined control scheme makes the device simple enough to use even if you have little prior vaping experience.

After charging the SMOK Guardian and filling the tank, press the fire button five times to turn the device on. Near the Guardian’s display, you’ll see the two adjustment buttons that allow you to change the device’s wattage. The SMOK Guardian includes two coils: a 0.4-ohm mesh coil and a 0.6-ohm triple coil. Both coils have a recommended operational power of 25 watts. Use the adjustment buttons to set the SMOK Guardian’s wattage a bit below that level. To vape, hold the fire button while inhaling from the mouthpiece. After you’ve puffed on the SMOK Guardian a few times, you can increase the wattage gradually until you’re happy with the warmth and flavour intensity of the vapour.

How to Fix Problems With the SMOK Guardian

One of the great things about using a vaping device like the SMOK Guardian is the fact that the simple and refined design makes the device almost completely problem free. You’re bound to experience problems with any vaping device if you use it long enough, though, and that’s where this section of our SMOK Guardian instruction manual comes in. We’ll explain how to resolve the issues that you’re most likely to experience with this device.

SMOK Guardian Not Charging

If your SMOK Guardian doesn’t respond when you connect the charging cable, you should first make sure that you’re using a compatible power source. The SMOK Guardian requires a power source with 5-volt output, and you might encounter problems if you try charging it with a high-speed charger such as the wall adapter for a mobile device. Connect the SMOK Guardian to your computer for charging. If it still doesn’t charge, try a different USB cable. It’s very common for USB cables to develop reliability issues when they’re used constantly.



SMOK Guardian Not Vaping

If your SMOK Guardian mod isn’t vaping, there are three likely causes:

  • The device is turned off
  • The battery isn’t charged
  • There is a problem with the atomizer coil

You can eliminate the first two possible causes by pressing the fire button five times to turn the SMOK Guardian on and by charging the battery fully. If you still can’t vape, it’s likely that the atomizer coil in the tank either has a fault or isn’t installed correctly.

Start by removing the TF RPM tank from the mod and unscrewing the tank’s bottom hardware. Pull the atomizer coil out and push it back in. Reassemble the tank and try vaping again. If you still can’t vape, replace the atomizer coil.

SMOK TF RPM Tank Leaking

When a vape tank leaks, it’s almost always because the tank isn’t assembled properly. Vape tanks have notoriously finicky threading, and if you’re in a rush when replacing an atomizer coil, you might misalign the threads when putting the tank back together. To check the tank’s assembly, simply unscrew the bottom hardware and screw it back together carefully. While the tank is disassembled, you should also check the rubber gaskets to confirm that nothing is stretched or out of place. Replace any damaged gaskets using the spare parts kit included with the SMOK Guardian mod and reassemble the tank slowly. If you have trouble getting the tank’s base reconnected, it’s likely that the threads are misaligned, so don’t force them. Reverse the threads and keep trying until the parts twist together smoothly.

SMOK TF RPM Coils Burning Out Quickly

On average, you should get several days of life out of each SMOK RPM coil before it requires replacement. If you use heavily sweetened e-liquid, though, you’ll get significantly less life than that because sucralose doesn’t vaporize when it’s heated. Sucralose shortens atomizer coil life more than any other e-liquid ingredient, so if you want to save money and enjoy better coil life with your SMOK Guardian mod, you should use unsweetened e-liquid.