More than perhaps any other vaping device on the market, the SMOK Thallo S is a pod system that really behaves more like a tank-based mod. It boasts a huge 100-watt power range with a 21700 battery. It has a huge colour digital display. It uses mesh coils and produces enormous vapour clouds. It’s constructed from luxury materials such as leather and zinc – and despite having all of those features, it never loses the sense of fun that you get when you use a pod-based vaping device.

If you don’t own the SMOK Thallo S yet, you can grab it right here for just £32.99 – and if you have it already, this is the SMOK Thallo S instruction manual that you want. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basic information that you need to get started with SMOK’s latest pod mod right away. We’ll also explain what you need to do if you encounter a problem with the device.

How to Use the SMOK Thallo S

This section of the article is our quick-start guide for the SMOK Thallo S. In this section, we’ll describe the basic details that you need in order to begin using your device. Although we do recommend reading the printed instruction manual included with the SMOK Thallo S, we think that you’ll find this guide sufficient for getting yourself through the initial setup and enjoying your first vaping session with the device in the shortest amount of time possible.

How to Charge the SMOK Thallo S

The SMOK Thallo S uses a removable battery, which is not included. You can use an 18650 or 21700 battery with the device, and its capabilities vary depending on the type of battery that’s installed.

To install a battery, slide the battery cover on the bottom of the SMOK Thallo S toward the back edge of the device. The door swings open. Install a battery with the positive pole facing the top of the device. Swing the battery door closed and slide it back to its original position.

Press the device’s fire button five times quickly to turn the SMOK Thallo S on. The device detects the new battery and asks you what type of battery is installed. Use the “+” and “-“ buttons to select “18650” or “21700.” Press the fire button to confirm your selection.

Charge the SMOK Thallo S by connecting it to your computer using the included USB-C cable. When the battery indicator at the top of the device’s display is full, the charge cycle is complete.



How to Fill the SMOK Thallo S Pod

While the SMOK Thallo S may look like a standard vape mod with a tank, it’s actually a pod system – and at no time is that more evident than when you want to fill the pod. The SMOK Thallo S doesn’t have threading; the pod attaches magnetically and just pulls straight off when you want to refill it or replace the coil.

When you remove the pod from the device, you’ll see the filling hole at the bottom. It’s covered with a silicone plug. Pull the plug out, add e-liquid until the pod is nearly full and replace the plug. If you’ve just received the SMOK Thallo S and are filling the pod for the first time, wait at least five minutes before you begin vaping.


How to Replace the SMOK Thallo S Coil

As you use an atomizer coil, residue from your e-liquid begins to collect on the coil’s heating surface. Eventually, the layer of residue becomes so thick that it begins to alter the coil’s flavour. When you start to get a burned and unpleasant flavour from the SMOK Thallo S, it’s time to replace the coil.

To do that, you’ll begin by removing the pod from the device. Turn the pod upside down and grip the atomizer coil’s metal base. Pull straight up to remove the coil. Insert a replacement coil, refill the pod and wait a few minutes before vaping.



How to Vape With the SMOK Thallo S

To vape with the SMOK Thallo S, puff on the device’s mouthpiece while holding the fire button. If the pod’s airflow is too tight or loose for your preferences, you can adjust the airflow by twisting the collar at the base of the pod. To increase the device’s power, press the “+” and “-“ buttons.

When selecting your preferred vaping wattage with the SMOK Thallo S, keep in mind that the device adjusts its maximum power depending on the type of battery you’re using. The 21700 battery cell doesn’t just offer greater energy storage compared to the 18650 cell; it can also support a higher operational wattage. While the SMOK Thallo S tops out at 80 watts with an 18650 battery, it’ll operate at a maximum of 100 watts with a 21700 battery. Use a 21700 battery for the best possible experience.

How to Fix Problems With the SMOK Thallo S

The SMOK Thallo S represents a giant technological leap forward for the vaping industry. Although the device builds on groundwork that the designers at SMOK have laid over the course of more than a decade, a product as unique as the Thallo S can still have a problem from time to time. In this section of our guide, we’ll explain how to solve the problems that you might encounter with the SMOK Thallo S.

SMOK Thallo S Not Charging

If your SMOK Thallo S isn’t charging, the easiest way to troubleshoot the issue is by removing the battery and attempting to charge it in an external charger. If the battery doesn’t charge in a standalone charger, you’ll know that you need to replace the battery. If the battery does charge, then it’s likely that the USB-C cable you’re using to charge the SMOK Thallo S has a problem. Replace the cable, and if that doesn’t resolve the issue, try connecting the device to a different computer.

SMOK Thallo S Not Hitting

You can turn the SMOK Thallo S on and off by pressing the fire button five times quickly. You can also lock and unlock the vaping function by pressing the fire button three times. Try both of those if the device isn’t hitting when you press the fire button.

If those steps don’t work, check the device’s screen for an error message that can help you determine your next course of action.

  • If the message on the screen is “Battery Low,” you should recharge the battery.
  • If the message is “Ohms Too Low” or “Ohms Too High,” the resistance of the connected atomizer coil is incorrect, and the coil may have an assembly problem. Replace the coil.
  • If the message is “No Atomizer,” the SMOK Thallo S isn’t detecting the connected coil. Remove and reseat the atomizer coil and try again.
  • If the message is “Atomizer Short,” the atomizer has a short circuit, and you should replace it.
  • If the message is “PCBA Too Hot,” the internal temperature of the SMOK Thallo S is too high. Move the device to a cooler area and wait a while before trying to vape again.

SMOK Thallo S Gurgling or Leaking

One of the most important things to remember about the SMOK Thallo S is that you should never overfill the pod. When you vape, the differential in air pressure between the pod’s interior and exterior creates a partial vacuum that helps to prevent the e-liquid from leaking out. That vacuum can’t form if the pod is overfilled. In addition, if you overfill the pod, you’ll push e-liquid into the atomizer coil assembly when you replace the silicone plug after filling the pod. Excess e-liquid in the atomizer coil invariably leads to gurgling and leaking, so you should never attempt to fill the SMOK Thallo S pod all the way to the top.

SMOK Thallo S Coils Burning Out Quickly

If you upgrade to the SMOK Thallo S after using a small beginner-oriented vaping device, you may find that your atomizer coils don’t last as long as they once did. If that’s the case, you are most likely using e-liquid sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose doesn’t vaporize when it’s heated, and it leaves a dark, crusty residue that shortens an atomizer coil’s life. The speed at which the residue forms depends on the vapour production of your device, which is why your atomizer coils are burning out more quickly. You’ll experience much better coil longevity if you switch to an e-liquid that doesn’t.