As advanced as pod-based vaping devices have become over the last couple of years, some manufacturers in the vaping industry haven’t lost sight of the fact that pod systems are still the vaping devices that are most likely to appeal to beginners. Even as more advanced pod systems continue to appear and blur the lines between pod systems and full-blown mods, it’s important to ensure that there are always plenty of small, simple and attractive pod systems for beginners. The SMOK Wave is the latest beginner-friendly pod system from the world’s largest manufacturer of vaping products. Tiny and striking in appearance, the Wave is destined to be a major hit among new vapers.

In this SMOK Wave instruction manual and troubleshooting guide, we’ll help you get up to speed with this device by explaining the basics of how to use it. We’ll also explain how to fix the most common problems that you might experience with the SMOK Wave.

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What’s Special About the SMOK Wave?

The SMOK Wave takes everything that the people at SMOK have learned to date about how to build a great pod vaping system and distils those truths into a single device that’s designed from the ground up to feel entirely natural to a total beginner. Even if you’ve never vaped before, you can buy the SMOK Wave and a bottle of e-liquid with complete confidence that you’ll understand the device within a few minutes and will be ready to start vaping almost immediately.

How Does the SMOK Wave Compare to the SMOK Rolo Badge?

The tiny size, distinctive shape and bright colours of the SMOK Wave invite comparisons with the SMOK Rolo Badge, another pod system with a similar look and similar capabilities. While the Rolo Badge is still in production, the SMOK Wave is a more recent release. So, how do the SMOK Wave vs. Rolo Badge compare?

Comparing these two devices, one gets the impression that the SMOK Rolo Badge is designed almost to be more of a fashion statement than one’s primary vaping device. In other words, the Rolo Badge is a device that’s most likely to make you happy if you’re a collector. If you’re buying your first vaping device, the SMOK Wave makes much more sense because the shape of the device makes it much more comfortable to hold. In addition, the narrow mouthpiece of the SMOK Wave feels more natural – and much more like a cigarette – in the mouth.

How to Use the SMOK Wave

Although we do recommend reading the instruction manual when you receive your SMOK Wave, we also understand that you’re anxious to start vaping and may want to hold off on reading the manual until after you get your new device up and running. You can consider this section of the article your quick-start guide to using the SMOK Wave.

How to Charge the SMOK Wave

We recommend charging the SMOK Wave fully before using it for the first time. To do that, connect the Wave to your computer using the included USB cable. The device has an indicator light that changes colour to let you know when the charge cycle is complete.

How to Fill the SMOK Wave Pod

To fill the SMOK Wave pod, you’ll begin by removing the pod from the device. Grasp the mouthpiece portion of the pod and pull straight up. You’ll find the filling port on the underside of the pod. Remove the plug from the filling port. Add e-liquid until the pod is nearly full and replace the plug before putting the pod back into the SMOK Wave.

If you’re filling a new pod for the first time, don’t start vaping right away. Wait several minutes for the wick in the pod to become completely saturated with e-liquid. If you don’t wait before using the pod for the first time, the wick may burn. That will ruin the pod’s flavour.

How to Vape With the SMOK Wave

One of the reasons why the SMOK Wave is so ideal as a first vaping device for a smoker is because it’s a fully automatic device with no controls and no settings. It’s as simple as a vaping device gets. After filling the pod, place the mouthpiece of the SMOK Wave in your mouth and puff gently on it as if it were the filter of a cigarette. The Wave creates vapour automatically when you inhale.

How to Maintain the SMOK Wave

When you use the SMOK Wave, there’s almost no maintenance at all for you to worry about. To keep the device running, you only need to do three things.

  • Recharge the device when the vapour production begins to decrease. The device’s LED indicator also alerts you by turning red when the battery is nearly dead.
  • Refill the pod when the level of e-liquid is low. You can always see how much e-liquid is in the pod by removing it from the device and looking at it. If the pod is less than one quarter full, it’s time to top it up.
  • Replace the pod when the flavour quality begins to decline. Depending on your vaping style and the type of e-liquid you use, a SMOK Wave pod may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The starter kit includes your first two pods.

Troubleshooting Problems With the SMOK Wave

If you use any vaping device long enough, you’re bound to experience an issue with it eventually. Thankfully, we are here to help. In this section, we’ll explain how to troubleshoot and fix the problems that are most likely to occur with the SMOK Wave.

SMOK Wave Not Charging

If your SMOK Wave isn’t charging, the first thing that you should do is try a different cable. USB cables have a nasty habit of developing internal structural weaknesses when they’re constantly connected and disconnected. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, try charging the device through a different USB port. Don’t use the mains adapter for a tablet or mobile phone. Check the device’s charging port for any dust or pocket lint that could prevent the charging cable from making a good connection. Remove contaminants carefully with a tool such as a toothpick.

SMOK Wave Not Hitting

The good part about owning a vaping device as simple as the SMOK Wave is that you don’t have to fiddle with settings or menus. The bad part is that a device without a digital display has no obvious way of telling you why it isn’t working. If your SMOK Wave isn’t hitting, the first thing that you should do is try charging the battery. It’s likely that the battery is simply dead.

If the battery is fully charged – or you’re still unable to vape after charging the battery – the next thing that you should do is check the pod. If the pod doesn’t firmly touch the connections inside the chamber of the SMOK Wave, the device won’t work. Remove and reinsert the pod. If that doesn’t work, clean the contacts on the bottom of the pod and inside the SMOK Wave. You can use a cotton swab to remove dust and grime. If your SMOK Wave still isn’t hitting, try using a different pod.

Weak Hits With the SMOK Wave

The SMOK Wave is a small vaping device that’s designed to provide a satisfying experience for new vapers. For your experience to be as satisfying as it can be, though, you need to use an appropriately strong e-liquid. We suggest using nicotine salt e-liquid with the SMOK Wave. If you find that the SMOK Wave gives you weak hits or simply leaves you feeling unsatisfied, it’s likely that the nicotine strength you’re using is too low.

SMOK Wave Leaking

When you fill a vape pod, you should never try to fill it all the way to the top. Always leave a little room at the top of the pod because the pod’s silicone stopper requires space. If you try to fill the pod to the very top, the stopper will force e-liquid into the pod’s atomizer coil assembly – and since the atomizer coil receives air through intake vents at the bottom of the pod, the excess e-liquid will leak out through those vents. If your pod continues to leak, the next most likely reason is that you’re puffing too hard. We’ll discuss that next.

SMOK Wave Gurgling or Spitting

As a new vaper, one of the most important things you’ll learn is that the air pressure you use when puffing on a vaping device should be much lower than the pressure you’d use when smoking a cigarette. A cigarette has very tight airflow characteristics, and the design of the paper allows a cigarette to burn more quickly if you puff harder on it.

With a vaping device, though, you won’t get a more satisfying experience by puffing harder because it is the device’s operational wattage – not the air pressure of your puffs – that determines its vapour production. Just as overfilling a pod can cause excess e-liquid to enter the atomizer coil assembly, the same can happen if you puff too firmly. If that happens while you vape, you’ll draw e-liquid into the pod’s airflow chimney – and that’s when you’ll begin to experience gurgling and spitting with your SMOK Wave. To get more satisfying vapour clouds, puff slowly and gently.