The Vaporesso Target – the original vape mod with a trigger-shaped fire button – catapulted the Vaporesso brand to almost instant fame upon its release half a decade ago. Box mods were all the rage then, and the Vaporesso Target was the first vaping device to combine high-end performance with a more ergonomic shape that really felt right in the hand. Vaporesso has pioneered a number of technical innovations since then, but the Target name still features strongly in the company’s product range.

The Vaporesso Target Mini 2 is a surprisingly small vape mod, but with its 2,000 mAh battery and 50-watt power range, it’s definitely not short on power. Most of all, though, the Target Mini 2 retains the slightly curved shape and trigger-style fire button that Target users around the world adore.

If you’ve ordered the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 and haven’t used a Vaporesso device previously, you’re going to love how different it is from other vaping devices. From the ergonomic shape to the burn-resistant ceramic coils, this device has a truly unique take on what a premium vaping experience ought to be like.

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While you wait for your new device to arrive, we hope you’ll enjoy this Vaporesso Target Mini 2 instruction manual. In it, we’ll explain what you need to know in order to get started with the device right away. We’ll also describe the steps that you should perform if you happen to encounter a problem with the device.

How to Use the Vaporesso Target Mini 2

Getting a new vaping device might feel a bit overwhelming if you aren’t an experienced vaper – especially if the device in question happens to be your first full-featured mod. In this section of our Vaporesso Target Mini 2 instruction manual, we’ll walk you through the most important parts of getting started with your new device.

How to Charge the Vaporesso Target Mini 2

The Vaporesso Target Mini 2 has a micro USB charging port and comes with the required charging cable. To charge the device, simply connect it to your computer’s USB port. The battery icon in the upper-left corner of the device’s screen will show you when the charging process is complete.

How to Fill the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Tank

To fill the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 tank, twist off the tank’s top cap to expose the filling hole. Add e-liquid through the hole until the tank is nearly full and replace the cap. Although the Target Mini 2 uses an atomizer coil with a ceramic wick that’s resistant to heat, it’s still possible to experience a harsh “dry hit” if you try to vape too soon without giving the wick sufficient time to absorb e-liquid from the tank’s reservoir. When you’re using a new atomizer coil, you should always wait a few minutes for the coil to get completely wet before you start vaping.

How to Replace the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Coil

When you’re no longer happy with the flavour that you get from the Vaporesso Target Mini 2, it’s time for a new atomizer coil. Replacing the coil is a quick process. When the tank is empty, remove it from the device and disassemble the tank’s bottom hardware. Remove the old coil from the tank and discard it. Put a bit of e-liquid on the new coil’s wick through the openings on the side of the coil. Push the new coil into the tank and replace the tank’s bottom hardware. Refill the tank; don’t forget to give the new coil time to absorb the e-liquid before you use it.

How to Vape With the Vaporesso Target Mini 2

After charging the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 and filling the tank, press the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on. To vape, simply puff on the tank’s mouthpiece while holding the fire button. To adjust the device’s heat and vapour production, press the “+” and “-“ buttons to change the wattage.

The Vaporesso Target Mini 2 has several built-in vaping modes that you might find useful, and we’ll discuss two of those modes in this instruction manual. You can toggle between vaping modes by pressing the Mode button on the front of the device.

The standard vaping mode for the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 is variable wattage mode. In that mode, you can select any wattage you like. Be warned that, in this mode, it is possible to select a wattage that’s too high for the installed coil. Always check the recommended wattage range etched into the side of the coil. Use the mode button to select between VW-H (High), VW-N (Normal) and VW-S (Soft) modes. The mode that you select determines how quickly the Target Mini 2 reaches the selected wattage, affecting vapour production and flavour intensity.

If you don’t want to risk burning your coils out by selecting a wattage that’s too high, you can also use the Mode button to put the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 into Smart mode. In this mode, the device automatically selects an appropriate wattage for the installed coil.

How to Fix Problems With the Vaporesso Target Mini 2

Is your Vaporesso Target Mini 2 not working as expected? In this section of the guide, we’ll help you by describing how to fix the problems that you’re most likely to encounter with this device.

Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Not Charging

When you connect the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 to your computer, the battery should begin charging immediately. If that doesn’t happen, the first thing you should do is try swapping out the USB cable. When you connect and disconnect a USB cable constantly throughout the day, you cause wear to the cable that may not be visible from the outside. Simply using a new cable may resolve the issue. If it doesn’t, try connecting the device to a different computer and see if the issue persists. Like most vaping devices, the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 doesn’t support quick charging. Don’t connect it to the wall adapter for a smartphone or tablet.

Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Not Vaping

Is the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 not hitting when you press the fire button? The most likely reason is that the device is locked or turned off. Press the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on. If the device is locked, press the fire button three times to unlock it.

If the device still isn’t working, the next most likely reason is that the battery is dead. Connect it to your computer and let the battery charge fully. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the atomizer coil may have a fault. If the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 detects that the coil has a short circuit, it won’t allow you to vape. Install a new atomizer coil and try vaping again.

Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Leaking

The Vaporesso Target Mini 2 tank uses several silicone gaskets to keep the atomizer coil in its place and prevent e-liquid from leaking out. It’s not unusual to see a little condensation under the tank when you remove the tank from your device. Use a cotton swab to remove the condensation.

If the tank leaks badly, it’s likely that the tank is put together improperly or has a damaged gasket. The Vaporesso Target Mini 2 includes a set of replacement gaskets that you can use to fix the tank. Disassemble the tank completely, using the included key to unlock the tank’s chimney. Examine all of the silicone gaskets for stretching or tearing. If you find a damaged gasket, install one of the new gaskets from the bag of replacement parts. If nothing appears damaged, reassemble the tank carefully. None of the threads should be crossed, and the parts should be just finger tight. If the tank’s parts don’t twist together easily, it’s likely that the threads are crossed; reverse the parts and try again.