The Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini isn’t just a tiny vape mod that can do everything; it’s a mod that can do everything with style. One look at this device’s colourful assortment of side panel designs tells you everything you need to know about the Alpha Zip Mini; this is a mod designed to ensure that you’re always the one holding the best-looking vaping device wherever you go.

If you’ve already ordered the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini, that introductory paragraph was just a little preview of the enjoyment that’s coming your way – and if you haven’t ordered it yet, what are you waiting for? You can grab the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini right here for just £42.99.

While you’re waiting for your Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini to arrive, this instruction manual will give you a head start on getting to know your new device. In it, we’ll explain the essential aspects of using the Alpha Zip Mini and the included Voopoo MAAT tank. We’ll also explain what you should do if you encounter a problem when using the Alpha Zip Mini.


How to Use the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini

We’ll begin our Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini instruction manual with a brief guide explaining how to use the device. Although it’s always a good idea to read the full printed manual when you get a new vaping device to learn about its unique features and quirks, it’s a little more fun when you can settle in with the full manual once you’ve already gotten your device up and running. This guide will help you do that by explaining the most important aspects of using the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini.

How to Charge the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini

The Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini has a built-in 4,400 mAh battery and charges via a built-in USB port. To charge the Alpha Zip Mini, use the included USB cable to connect the device to your computer. The device’s screen displays an animated battery icon during the charging process. When the animation stops and the battery icon is full, the charging sequence is complete.

How to Fill the Voopoo MAAT Tank

The Voopoo MAAT tank has a child-resistant release mechanism that should help to prevent the tank from opening at an inopportune time. To fill the tank, hold the release button embedded in the tank’s top hardware while pushing the top cap in the direction of the marker. Add e-liquid through the filling hole and slide the cap back to its original position.

How to Replace the Voopoo MAAT Coil

When you begin to find that the flavour quality of the Voopoo MAAT tank has changed – or the tank begins to produce significantly less vapour than it did when you first began using it – it’s time for a new atomizer coil. Atomizer coil life may vary. Depending on the way you vape, you may find that your coils last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks each. Since the MAAT tank has a built-in chimney structure, you don’t need to wait until the tank is empty before replacing the coil.

When it’s time for a new coil, remove the MAAT tank from your Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini and unscrew the tank’s metal base. You’ll see the coil pushed into the tank’s centre chimney. Grasp the coil by its bottom and wiggle gently until the coil comes free. Take the new coil and push it into the chimney. Reassemble and fill the tank. The coil has a thick cotton wick that needs to be completely wet with e-liquid before you vape, so give the coil several minutes to absorb the e-liquid before you resume using the tank.

How to Vape With the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini

When you’re ready to vape with the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini, press the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on. Press and hold the fire button while inhaling through the tank’s mouthpiece. To adjust the device’s wattage, use the “+” and “-“ buttons.

You might also like to try the new FIT vaping mode that’s exclusive to Voopoo’s products. When using a Voopoo tank such as the included MAAT tank, FIT mode automatically configures your Voopoo device to deliver precisely the type of vaping experience you want with no effort required on your part. Press the fire button three times quickly to toggle between vaping modes. When the screen displays “FIT 1 2 3,” you’re in FIT mode. Use the “+” and “-“ buttons to toggle between FIT modes.

  • Use FIT Mode 1 to optimise the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini for the best battery life.
  • Use FIT Mode 2 to optimise the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini for the best flavour.
  • Use FIT Mode 3 to optimise the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini for the best vapour production.


How to Fix Problems With the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini

If your Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini isn’t working as expected, you’ve come to the right place to find a fix. In this section of our Alpha Zip Mini instruction manual, we’ll explain how to resolve the most common problems that you might experience with this mod.

Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini Not Charging

The Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini requires a charger that operates at 5 volts with a current of no more than 2 amps. If the charging current differs from those specifications by more than 5 percent, the device won’t charge. If you have trouble charging your Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini, you should first try a different charger. Don’t attempt to charge the device with a mobile phone or tablet “fast charger.”

If the device still doesn’t respond when you connect the charging cable, the most likely reason is that the cable is damaged. Switch to a different cable and see if the device starts charging.

The Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini requires about two hours to charge with a 2-amp current and four hours to charge with a 1-amp current. If the device feels uncomfortably hot during charging, disconnect the charging cable immediately. If you have owned the device for a long time and find that the charging process appears not to have progressed at all after several hours, it’s possible that the battery is no longer holding a charge.

Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini Not Vaping

If your Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini isn’t vaping when you press the fire button, start by pressing the fire button five times quickly; you may have turned the device off. If nothing happens, connect the device to your computer and see if the battery starts charging; the device’s screen may not display anything if the battery is completely dead.

If you’re still unable to vape with the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini, check the screen for an error message that’ll tell you how to proceed.

  • If the screen displays the error message “Check Battery,” the battery’s voltage is too low for vaping. Charge the device.
  • If the screen displays the error message “High Temp,” the internal temperature of the device has exceeded 80 degrees Celsius. Move the Alpha Zip Mini to a cooler location and don’t attempt to vape again until the device has reached room temperature.
  • If the screen displays the error message “Check Atomizer,” the Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini isn’t detecting the atomizer coil. Remove the tank. Unscrew the tank’s base and make sure that the atomizer coil is properly connected. Reassemble the tank and try again. If the Alpha Zip Mini still isn’t vaping, replace the atomizer coil.
  • If the screen displays the error message “Atomizer Short,” the atomizer coil has a manufacturing fault that makes it unsafe to use. Replace the coil.

Voopoo MAAT Tank Leaking

Every vape tank has a complex network of airflow channels and silicone gaskets to allow air and vapour to flow through the tank without leakage of the e-liquid. If your Voopoo MAAT tank leaks, then, it’s most likely because the tank’s threads are misaligned, or the gaskets are stretched or torn. It’s normal to find a bit of condensation under a vape tank from time to time. If your Voopoo MAAT tank has a severe leak, though, you’ll need to disassemble the tank and check for a problem.

After disassembling the tank, check the gaskets for damage. Your Voopoo Alpha Zip Mini includes a bag of replacement gaskets that you can use to replace any worn parts. If you find no damage, it’s possible that the leak was caused by misaligned threads. Reassemble the tank, making sure that each component turns smoothly. If the components don’t turn smoothly, back them up and try again until you’re certain that there are no gaps.