The Voopoo Drag Max is the most powerful pod-based vaping device ever released, full stop. Using two removable 18650 batteries, the Voopoo Drag Max reaches a maximum power delivery of 177 watts. It supports 2-amp USB-C fast charging to get you back in action rapidly when the batteries die. It works with the entire range of Voopoo PNP coils, and with its clever interchangeable pod system, the Voopoo Drag Max has no difficulty delivering anything ranging from a refined high-nicotine mouth-to-lung vaping experience to a full-bore direct-to-lung cloud chasing party.

The Drag Max, however, is also a vaping device that’s much more than just a bullet list of features. Voopoo has gone with a beautifully understated design for this device, creating a product that seamlessly combines leather and metal with a high-resolution colour display. The Voopoo Drag Max looks incredibly classy, and it also feels wonderful in the hand. It’s everything that you could ever want a pod system to be, and with a feature set as long as this device has, you’re definitely going to find a guide helpful in getting you off and running.

That’s where our Voopoo Drag Max instruction manual comes in. You’re probably not going to feel like reading a huge printed manual when you’ve just received a brand-new vaping device, so we’ve distilled the operation of this device into just the most important points that you need for getting started. At the end of the guide, we’ll also explain how to fix some of the problems that you might encounter when using the Voopoo Drag Max.

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Voopoo Drag Max vs. Drag X

If you haven’t selected your next vaping device yet and are still shopping around, you’ve probably noticed that the Voopoo Drag Max and Voopoo Drag X have some similar feature sets, and the Drag X costs a bit less. How do the Voopoo Drag Max vs. Drag X compare? In fact, the two devices share virtually all of the same technology. Both devices work with all Voopoo PNP coils. They also have similar pods and airflow control mechanisms, so you’ll get much the same vaping experience with either device. The only difference is in the power. While the Voopoo Drag Max uses two batteries and has a maximum power of 177 watts, the Voopoo Drag X uses a single battery and has a maximum power of 80 watts. Using a single battery obviously also means that the Voopoo Drag X is a bit smaller, lighter and more portable.

How to Use the Voopoo Drag Max

Although nothing quite beats the detail level of a full printed manual, we know how hard it is to resist the temptation to dig right in when you’ve just received a new vaping device and are anxious to start using it immediately. That’s why you’re going to find this guide so helpful. In our Voopoo Drag Max instruction manual, we’ve simplified the operation of this device down to the most essential things that you need in order to get started right away.

How to Charge the Voopoo Drag Max

Before you can charge the Voopoo Drag Max, you need to install the batteries. This device requires two 18650 batteries, which aren’t included. The batteries should be identical and should have continuous discharge ratings of at least 30 amps. Open the battery door on the bottom of the Voopoo Drag Max by sliding it in the direction of the arrow. Insert the batteries with the positive and negative poles pointing as indicated on the bottom of the battery door and close the door.

Charge the Voopoo Drag Max by connecting it to your computer using the included USB-C cable. While the device charges, the screen displays a pair of battery icons to indicate the charge status of the two battery cells. When both battery icons read “100%,” the batteries are fully charged.

How to Fill the Voopoo Drag Max Pod

The Voopoo Drag Max pod attaches to the top of the device magnetically, and you can remove it by pulling it. On the underside of the pod, you’ll see the atomizer coil and the pod’s filling hole. Remove the silicone plug from the filling hole and add e-liquid until the pod is almost full. Replace the plug and put the pod back into its holder. 


How to Replace the Voopoo Drag Max Coil

When you’re no longer happy with the flavour that you get from your Voopoo Drag Max, it’s time for a new coil. Pull the old coil out of the bottom of the pod and throw it away. Before pushing the new coil in, put a little e-liquid on each of the coil’s wick holes. Refill the pod and put it back into its holder. Remember that you should always give a new coil several minutes to become completely saturated with e-liquid before you vape with it.

How to Vape With the Voopoo Drag Max

The Voopoo Drag Max is compatible with the full range of Voopoo PNP coils, which means that it can deliver a wide variety of different vaping experiences – and one of the great things about this device is that it automatically configures itself to deliver the best possible vaping experience for the atomizer coil that you’re using. In the device’s default Smart vaping mode, the Voopoo Drag Max will not allow you to set the device to a wattage that would be likely to burn the coil. If you prefer, though, you can also put the device into RBA mode by pressing the fire button three times quickly. In RBA mode, you can select whatever wattage you like.

To vape with the Voopoo Drag Max, hold the fire button while puffing on the device’s mouthpiece. Move the tab under the pod to adjust the device’s airflow.

The Voopoo Drag Max has a graphical interface with two different themes. To switch between the themes, press the “+” and “-“ buttons simultaneously.

How to Fix Problems With the Voopoo Drag Max

Technology is one of the things for which the Voopoo brand has been best known over the years, and the Voopoo Drag Max is quite possibly the best device the company has ever released. You’re highly unlikely to ever encounter a problem with the Drag Max – but if you do, we’re here to help. In this section of our Voopoo Drag Max instruction manual, we’ll explain how to fix the problems you might encounter with this device.

Voopoo Drag Max Not Charging

If you own a device with removable batteries, an external battery charger is one of the best tools that you can have in your arsenal. That’s partly because you can charge one pair of batteries while vaping with another. As a tool for troubleshooting, though, an external battery charger is second to none. If you have difficulty charging your Voopoo Drag Max, put the batteries into the external charger. If the batteries don’t charge, it’s time to replace them. If the batteries do charge in the external charger, you should replace the USB-C cable that you’re using to charge the Voopoo Drag Max.

Voopoo Drag Max Not Vaping

The Voopoo Drag Max has a locking function that helps to prevent accidental activation in situations such as when you’re carrying the device in your pocket. If you’re unable to vape with the Voopoo Drag Max, you should first try unlocking the device by pressing the fire and “+” buttons simultaneously. If that doesn’t work, check the screen for an error message that will tell you what’s going on.

  • If the error message is “Check Battery,” you need to recharge the device.
  • If the error message is “Temp High,” the Voopoo Drag Max has overheated. Move it out of direct sunlight and wait a while for the device to cool down before you vape again.
  • If the error message is “Atomizer Short,” either you’re using the Voopoo PNP rebuildable deck and have built a coil with a short circuit, or you’ve installed a pre-built coil that has a manufacturing fault. If you’re using a pre-built coil, discard the coil and use another one. If you’re using the rebuildable deck, you’ll need to build a new coil or correct the problem with the existing coil.
  • If the error message is “Check Atomizer,” the Voopoo Drag Max isn’t detecting the connected atomizer coil. Try removing and reinstalling the coil. If that doesn’t work, try using a different coil.

Voopoo Drag Max Leaking

Since the atomizer coil and filling port are both on the bottom of the Voopoo Drag Max pod, it’s very important for you to push the coil in fully when installing a new coil and replace the silicone plug carefully when filling the pod. If the pod leaks, it’s likely that you’ve made an error in one of those areas. When you fill the pod, don’t try to fill it all the way to the top. You need to leave a little room for the silicone plug, or you’ll end up pushing e-liquid out of the pod when you close the filling hole.