Replacement 3500mah 18650 Battery

Replacement 3500mah 18650 Battery Description

With vaping mods becoming more power-hungry than ever, there’s now a high demand for affordable cells like this Flat Top AWT 18650 Battery (35A, 3500mAh). This 18650 rechargeable vape battery achieve's the perfect balance of performance and economy. Safety is even more important when you use 18650 batteries in a high-power mod. This is a genuine battery from AWT batteries from Aweite Technology Co Ltd, based in Shenzhen province, China. The cells use proven Lithium ion technology to safely deliver the short bursts of high current needed to fire the latest sub-ohm atomizers. A storage capacity of 3500mAh means that you get more hits from each charge. Over their lifetime, the AWT Red & Black 18650 battery should be good for more than 800 recharge cycles. Contents: 1 x AWT 18650 Battery (35A, 3500mAh) Features: Type: Li-ion Size: 65.05mm x 18.2mm Colour: Dark multicolour Rated battery capacity: 3500mAh Maximum discharge current: 35A Charge Current CC: 1250 mA Voltage: 3.7V Cycle life: Good for more than 800 charging cycles