How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

A week into the new year and you may already be struggling to stick to your new year’s resolutions. Or maybe it’s all been plain sailing and you’re realising that giving up smoking is a lot more manageable now that you’ve invested in vape kits. Either way, we’re only just over a week into January, and staying the course with your resolutions can be hard work. According to WSAW, 80 per cent of people who make a new year’s resolution will fail by February. So what can you do to make sure you’re one of the 20 per cent who succeed? The news provider shared some advice from psychologists, who explained that if you make an external change to your appearance you’re more likely to stay the course with your resolutions. Why? The experts revealed that making a physical change, and your brain recognising this, shows that you are in control of change. This “usually strengthens the desire to make an internal change since your brain now thinks it’s in [ Continue Reading… ]

Vaping While Still Smoking ‘Limits Health Benefits’

Vaping has been increasing in popularity in the UK in recent years. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that 2.8 million people in the country now smoke e-cigarettes. This data from 2017 equates to 5.5 per cent of the UK population and is a significant increase over the 3.7 per cent of vapers recorded in 2011 when the organisation started collecting data about e-cigarette use. One of the reasons people buy vape kits and start smoking e-cigarettes is as a means of giving up traditional smoking. In fact, Public Health England estimates that vaping is helping at least 20,000 people quit smoking each year. The NHS and other health organisations believe that vaping poses a much lower health risk than traditional smoking, and therefore are encouraging its use as a tool to quit smoking. However, many smokers use vapes to cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke, but still continue to light up in a traditional way every now and then. But this [ Continue Reading… ]

Public Health England Pushes Vaping Message

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a new campaign to encourage smokers to quit in the new year, and the message is that vaping is considerably less harmful to your health than conventional cigarettes. The organisation’s Health Harms campaign includes a video that visually demonstrates the high levels of tar and cancer-causing chemicals that are inhaled by the average smoker every month, compared to a non-smoker or someone who only vapes. It’s a stark message and one that clearly shows the benefits of vaping over conventional cigarettes, if you are unable to go cold turkey when you quit. PHE also pointed out that, although vaping isn’t risk free, it’s estimated to be 95 per cent less harmful than smoking. Although 2.5 million people already use e-cigarettes in England, PHE is keen for more people to swap to vaping over conventional smoking. And one of the concerns the organisation has is that smokers don’t fully understand the health benefits of making the switch. A survey carried out by the body found [ Continue Reading… ]

How To Have A Healthier 2019

While you’re probably focusing on last-minute preparations for Christmas at the moment, you’ll no doubt be thinking about your new year’s resolutions in the back of your mind. Will you be making any this year? If so, what kind of things are you focusing on? Resolutions are great and can kickstart us into making changes for the better – such as quitting smoking. Do you have vape kits on your Christmas list to help you? But it helps to have a specific goal in mind rather than something vague. So, if your current thoughts are around being healthier in the new year, take a look at our suggestions of how you can improve your health in 2019.   Quit smoking We all know that smoking is bad for us. The negative health impacts are well documented and if you can kick the habit you’ll certainly feel better for it. Interestingly, Dentistry shared research from University College London earlier this month that found those who roll their own cigarettes are less [ Continue Reading… ]

Top Health Kicks To Start In 2019

With less than a couple of weeks left till Christmas, most of us will already be tucking into mince pies and enjoying a few late nights out at festive parties. However, once January arrives, there will be a huge drive to detox from all the sugar and alcohol, and kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. Millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, with ambitious hopes of sticking to them for the entire 12 months. However, according to, as many as 80 per cent of us fail – and some people might have even given up their goals by the time February comes around. A good incentive to maintaining your resolution is knowing that you are doing it to improve your wellbeing in the long-run, which is why it is not surprising that most of the popular New Year’s Resolutions are to do with embarking on a healthier lifestyle. By having your own strength, wellbeing and fitness as a motivation, you are more likely to stick to them, [ Continue Reading… ]

Top Christmas Vaping Flavours To Choose From

There are less than three weeks until Christmas, which means the festive season is definitely underway – and what better to celebrate this time of the year than by enjoying some of your favourite wintry flavours when vaping? Here is our pick of the best Christmassy e-liquids to get you in the mood for Santa’s arrival.   – Cinnamon Biscuit There is no smell that is better associated with Christmas than cinnamon, so if you want to feel all festive without indulging in endless sugary coffees and spicy biscuits, why not swap your usual e-liquid for cinnamon biscuit? This flavour is certainly a favourite during the Yuletide season, and will make you feel all-warm inside.   – Apple & Spice Strudel If one of your favourite pastimes in December is going to a Christmas market and picking up a delicious pudding, you will love Tea Time Travels apple and spice strudel flavour. With the scent of cooked apples, cinnamon, pastry and honey, this will be perfect after a warm and [ Continue Reading… ]

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

This is often the time of year when people start thinking about what changes they want to make to their lives after the fun and frantic activity of Christmas is over. Yes, we’re talking about setting new year’s resolutions. If there’s something you’ve been putting off for a while, or just a challenge that you need some extra motivation for, 1 January is the perfect time to bite the bullet and get started. If your new year’s resolution is going to be giving up smoking cigarettes, you should make sure you’re prepared to give you the best chance of succeeding. Vaping is considered to be a helpful and legitimate tool that can help you give up smoking. For anyone who’s never used a vape before, it can be helpful to start with vape kits as these will give you everything you need to start using an e-cigarette rather than reaching for a box of your preferred brand. It’s worth starting to look at these kinds of things now, as there is [ Continue Reading… ]

How To Improve Your Chances Of Quitting Smoking In 2019

Most people have high hopes for the New Year, and many of us will try to improve our lifestyle or break a bad habit once December 31st comes to an end. One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions has to be quitting smoking, with thousands of Brits keen to kick their biggest vice once 2019 arrives. The introduction of e-cigarettes has certainly helped smokers in their quest, and their battle against their addiction could be aided even more. Find out how by reading on.   Quitting isn’t easy According to the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), giving up cigarettes is one of the most difficult resolutions to keep, and figures from 2016 showed that 60 per cent of those who gave up cigarettes for New Year had taken it up again by January 31st. Only 13 per cent were still smoke-free by the time 2017 rolled round. January presents an ideal time to give up smoking, what with many people feeling they have to go on a health [ Continue Reading… ]

Spend More Time With Vapers If You Want To Quit Smoking!

If you’re keen to quit the cigs in 2019, you might want to start spending more time with people who make excellent use of vape tanks, as new research has just revealed that doing so could actually help you ditch the cigarettes for good. The University College London study, reported on by Metro, suggests that smokers who frequently spent time with vapers were approximately 20 per cent more likely to have tried recently to quit, feeling more motivated to turn their back on cigarettes. Lead author of the study Dr Sarah Jackson explained that it’s becoming far more common for smokers to have contact with vapers, although some concerns have come to the fore that this could “renormalise smoking in England”, having an impact on people’s motivation to quit. “Our results found no evidence that spending time with vapers discourages smokers from quitting, which should help to alleviate concerns about the wider public health impact of ecigarettes,” she went on to say. Tobacco control expert with Cancer Research UK Kruti [ Continue Reading… ]

Why Christmas Is The Perfect Time To Switch To E-Cigarettes

Christmas is certainly the season to be jolly, and most of us like to indulge over the festive period. Whether it’s alcohol, chocolates, cheese or party food, we consume it in abundance during December, putting any thoughts of our health to one side while we enjoy the festive period. However, if there’s one thing you can do to limit the amount of indulgence you enjoy over the next few weeks it’s quitting smoking and swapping your tobacco roll-ups for premium, quality e-liquid cigarettes instead. Here are just a few reasons why Christmas is the ideal time do so.   Baby, it’s cold outside! As December rolls around, you can expect the temperature to plummet and icy, windy – and possibly even snowy – days to be the norm. Smokers really feel the brunt of it during winter, as they have to spend considerably more time outside than non-smokers or vapers. Whether it’s a Christmas party, dining out at a restaurant or even while you’re at work, it is illegal to [ Continue Reading… ]

Health Claims ‘Allowed’ For Vaping Ads

The UK has agreed that adverts selling vape kits and other vaping items can include health claims. However, the Vaping Post reported that there are some conditions that need to be followed if health claims are made about any vaping products. The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP and BCAP) announced that they will no longer block health claims from appearing in adverts for e-cigarettes. The most important thing to note about this announcement is that any vaping company that wants to claim its e-cigarettes are healthier than smoking must be able to support this with research that is linked to the particular range it’s selling. As a result, manufacturers will likely need to commission their own studies on vaping and its health effects for their products if they want to make such claims about vaping being healthier than smoking in their advertising materials. But e-cigarettes are an important tool being used by the NHS and other health organisations to encourage people to quit smoking. According to the NHS, 2.9 million [ Continue Reading… ]

Vaping Up In Popularity, Cigarettes On The Wane!

A lot of people out there use e-cigarette starter kits and vape pens to help them quit smoking actual cigarettes for good – but no doubt there are naysayers out there who believe that simply making a swap for another form of smoking paraphernalia ultimately won’t be a successful strategy when it comes to ditching the cigs. If you come across anyone holding this belief, point them in the direction of this study from the Georgetown University Medical Center, revealing that the smoking of cigarettes decreased dramatically in the four years between 2013 and 2017, which was when the use of ecigs started to become more popular. Professor of oncology and senior author of the study David Levy explained that the findings of this piece of research are important because they suggest that the US saw a serious drop in youth and young adults smoking cigarettes at a time when vaping rose in popularity. He went on to say that 2014 was a tipping point when the use of vape [ Continue Reading… ]

Vaping Policies For Businesses To Be Introduced?

MPs on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping (APPGV) have suggested that vaping policies for both businesses and public places should be brought in to help address misunderstandings about the use of ecigarettes and make sure that they’re treated separately to smoking. The APPGV proposed that the Houses of Parliament should be a vape-friendly zone to help spread the right message about ecigarette use and to make vaping more acceptable in the workplace, Metro reports. Employers should permit vaping in all outside areas unless there is a professional or safety reason for preventing it, with guidelines set out to cover reasonable vaping etiquette for those who choose to do so. Designated indoor vaping areas should also be provided by companies. Acas adviser Tom Neil was quoted by the news source as saying: “Ecigarettes or vaping is not covered by the current law that applies to smoking within workplaces. So employers have the freedom to decide what policies to put in place around vaping at work. “Businesses could decide to ban [ Continue Reading… ]

Have You Heard Of Hold My Light?

With the start of a new year just around the corner, there’s no better time than the present to think about what sort of resolutions you’re going to make for 2019 – and quitting smoking could be just the resolution for you. As well as making excellent use of e-cigarette kits to help you ditch the cigs, you could find it really useful to sign up to the Hold My Light scheme, which will see you give up smoking cigarettes for 30 days. Apparently, if you do it for an entire month, you’re actually five times more likely to quit for good – so with January just six or so weeks away, now’s the time to start preparing yourself mentally for it. Once you’ve decided to go smoke-free for 30 days, you then choose your preferred way of quitting the cigs (whether that’s with a vape pen, using willpower or some other kind of cessation aid). Then you create your profile on the Hold My Light site and invite your [ Continue Reading… ]

7 Ways To Quit Smoking

There’s sure to come a time in every smoker’s life where they think about giving up, even if for just a fleeting second, but if you’ve come to the conclusion that you no longer want to be a slave to your addiction, this blog post will really help you find ways that could assist you with quitting. Read on to find out more!   Use vape starter kits Vaping is a very effective way of ditching the cigarettes for good but it can be difficult to know what you need to get going. Starter kits come with everything you need including plenty of e liquids to choose from to compliment your new device so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be caught short when a craving hits. Drink less It can be hard to drink less alcohol when party season is upon us, but try to make a new resolution for 2019 to go to the pub less or drink less when you’re at home. Unfortunately, cigarettes and alcohol [ Continue Reading… ]

Battery Safety

Vaping is more popular than it’s ever been, and more and more people are talking about it. If you want to get into vaping then you need to know all the facts and practicing battery safety is something that needs to be made a priority. The vape industry is advancing at a remarkable rate and we have now seen a huge range of devices hit the market from different brands from around the world. Most of these devices use an external battery to operate and while there are a number of battery sizes available. 18650 batteries are one of the most popular batteries currently used in vape mods. You need to know about and understand your batteries for vaping, not just so that you can get the most out of your vape but also for your own safety and the safety of your device. Basic Battery Safety: Most vape kits on the market will have Lithium-ion batteries. In many ways, they drive our society. They’re commonly used in phones, laptops, [ Continue Reading… ]

Make New Year Resolution To Switch To E-Cigarettes For 2018

With 2017 slowly coming to a close, it is yet another time we will be making New Year resolutions. December the 31st has always been the best time of the year for everyone, with many using this time to reflect back on the achievements for the past year, and even prepare for a brighter year ahead.  If giving up smoking has always been part of your New Year resolutions for the past years, maybe it is time to try something different. Making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes could be the best decision you made in a long time. E-cigarettes with e-liquid provide the same level of satisfaction (and even more) you get from tobacco cigarettes, only that it is much safer, affordable, and tobacco-free. Vaping (using an e-cig) gives you a chance to stay away from the dozens of harmful chemicals that come with cigarette smoking. Discussed below are 4 reasons why you need to make the switch. 1. Living Healthy You can proudly make that toast [ Continue Reading… ]

Study Shows Smokers Can Live Longer By Switching To Vaping

Researchers have recently discovered that smokers could live longer and healthier lives if they would switch to vaping. Per their research,when calculated on a per smoker basis, the 6 1/2 million smokers in the UK/US could live an additional 87 million years if they put down the cigarettes and switched to vaping. This study was conducted over a 10 year period by the Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Centre. Many variables were considered by the research team while conducting the study, including potential harm from using e-cigarettes, increases in youth vaping, and the cessation rate amongst those who haven’t switched to vaping. The Georgetown University Medical Centre posted the following findings on its website: After taking into account different scenarios involving the potential harm of e-cigarettes as compared to normal cigarettes and other variables as well,they came up with an optimistic projection and a pessimistic projection to describe potential outcomes of switching to vaping. Even under the worst case pessimistic projection, they predict that not only will lives of smokers be extended [ Continue Reading… ]

How Many People Around The World Vape?

Ever since the introduction of e-cigarettes to the open market, their use has exploded around the world. For people who vape, it can seem like a lonely practice particularly for those who do not know anyone who shares their passion. For traditional smokers, it is easy to socialize with other smokers as there is generally someone to share a cigarette with. Vape users do not have this advantage and it is common for them to not have anyone in their social circle that vapes. Fortunately, for these people, vaping is more popular than ever. The question is how many people are actually vaping around the world today? The problem with answering this question is that vaping is relatively new and user research is still underdeveloped and thin. However, it is possible to create an estimate of the number of people vaping when looking at a range of recent statistics and sources. How Many Vapers Are There In The World? It is actually more difficult than imagined to present an estimate [ Continue Reading… ]

London Firefighters Say Vaping Is the Safer Alternative to Smoking

For the month of “Stoptober”, the London Fire Brigade has joined forces with Public Health England in encouraging vaping with e-cigs over smoking tobacco. They take this stand because it is quite clear that electronic cigarettes are simply not the fire hazard tobacco cigs have always been. The firefighters point out that this is not just an opinion. It’s a fact that’s backed up by solid statistics. People who quit using combustible tobacco products enjoy greater life expectancy, not only because of improved cardiovascular health, but also because they greatly reduce their risk of being consumed in a house fire. The Fire Brigade is so sure of their decision to back e-cigs that they made a very pro-active post on their Facebook page. They declared that electronic cigarettes greatly reduce fire risk. The post said that evidence of this statement can be found in a recent report of fire deaths in the month of September. The findings of this report were that, even though the ratio of smokers to vapers [ Continue Reading… ]

Double Drip Coil Sauce

Attention Sub-Ohm vaping enthusiasts! Double Drip Coil Sauce is offering a variety of mouthwatering flavors that are best suitable for sub-ohm vaping. If you love chasing clouds and creating dense and huge vapor clouds is your thing then grab one of the Double Drip Coil eliquid flavor today! These premium quality eliquid not only offer a range of nicotine content but also provide an exciting flavor! So if you are headed to a vape cloud battle, Double Drip Coil Sauce is your main inventory! The VG to PG ratio in these e-liquids is high which means, you can look forward to a silky smooth vaping trip and huge vapor cloud chasing experience! Simply eLiquid currently offers 8 flavors from the Double Drip Coil Sauce e-liquid range. Double Drip Lemon Tart Eliquid (10ml Bottle) (A mix of Lemon, Pastry Tart Base and Cream) Double Drip Lemon Sherbet Eliquid (10ml Bottle) (A mix of Sherbet and lemon) Double Drip Crystal Mist Eliquid (10ml Bottle) (A mix of Blue Raspberry, Black Cherries and [ Continue Reading… ]

All You Need To Know About B-Movie E-liquid

The muse for B-Movie e liquid flavours are the movies itself. Vapers are promised the same excitement and thrill from these flavours that they get while watching their favorite movies. B-Movie currently has to offer 3 thrilling flavors – 5am Alarm, a menthol flavor e liquid that bursts freshness and ice texture on each drag – Big Foot which like the name suggests offers a mysterious flavor mixed with the freshness of menthol – and the last but not the least – Dirty Stop Out which is the perfect blend of various fruit flavors packed into one. If trying out unique and exciting e liquid flavours is your thing then the B-Movie e liquid shelf is your stop! The VG/PG ratio for these e-liquids is one which means huge vapor clouds! These e-liquids are perfect for sub-ohm vaping hence a perfect fit for those who like to chase huge and dense clouds. Simply eLiquid currently offers 12 unique and mouthwatering B-Movie flavors by Absolute Vapes. Big Foot E Liquid 30ml [ Continue Reading… ]

Intro To Candy King E-liquid

The Candy King range is brought forth for people who loved candies as a kid. Well, who didn’t! If you did love candy flavors as a kid and you had heard of all the candy flavor eliquids and were on desperate lookout for where to buy candy flavored e liquid in the UK? Your prayers has been answered! We bring you premium quality candy flavored eliquids on your doorsteps! And it doesn’t end here! The Candy King flavor range has to offer more! Try your favorite candy flavors crossed with other different yummy flavors! The Candy king eliquid range is High VG which means all the flavors are promised to be sweeter than your average e-juice. Simply e-Liquid currently offers five different Candy King flavors that you can pick from. Candy King Swedish Eliquid Flavour 50ml (5 x 10ml Bottles) (Red Fish-shaped Gummy Flavor) Candy King Sour Worms Eliquid Flavour 50ml (5 x 10ml Bottles) (A mix of Sour Gummy Flavors) Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Gum Eliquid Flavour 50ml (5 [ Continue Reading… ]

Our Introduction To Zooom E-liquid

The great thing about Zooom eliquids is that it allows the vapers to manually mix the nicotine with the nicotine-free e-liquid which means the users get to choose how much nicotine they want in their system. Zooom is basically the best range that can help a person quit smoking by having the freedom of manually controlling the nicotine intake. If you are into trying out e liquid flavors that are more playful than the usual range then you need to take a look at the Zooom e liquid range. Zooom has to offer 27 exciting flavors and each flavor has to offer a unique experience as compared to the other. If you like your e liquid flavor with a bit of sourness and sweetness then try out the Zooom Blackcurrant & Lemonade e liquid flavor. And if you are a cola flavor fan then Zooom has to offer Zooom Fizzy Cola eliquid that you can enjoy without having to deal with any extra calories. The Zoom Fruit Explosion is a [ Continue Reading… ]

Eleaf Ecig Kits

Originating from Shenzhen city China, Eleaf Electronics Co. came into being in 2011. Since then, Eleaf has made its place as one of the top-selling, well-known brands in the e-cig market. Eleaf started out with the production of the world famous iStick series. iStick mini was first introduced in 2014 which acclaimed a positive notion from vapers around the world. Following the development of the iStick mini, Eleaf Electronics Co. further introduced the iStick 20W, iStick 30W, and iStick 5oW which also claimed worldwide recognition. The journey to innovation did not stop there for this company and as the temperature controlled e-cigs were introduced in the market, Eleaf moved on to bring iStick TC40W, iStick TC60W, and iStick100W temperature control kits. These temperature controlled devices are highly admired by vaping pros. The iStick TC40W featured the temperature control system that allowed vapers to enjoy their favorite e liquid without having to deal with any dry hit because of being able to adjust the temperature manually. It could also provide 40W [ Continue Reading… ]

Innokin Ecig Kits

Innokin emerged in the electronic cigarette market in 2011 with a goal of serving their customers with high quality and high tech devices that feature beautiful and elegant designs. Innokin’s target was to deliver a truly customizable experience to its users and it literally lived up to that promise. No matter what Innoking e-cig you’re using, all you have to do is add the e liquid flavor of your choice, adjust the temperature to your taste and you get to have a totally customizable experience that serves the perfect taste and amount of vapor production. Besides serving 1000 Vape shops in the UK alone, electronic cigarette products by Innokin are globally recognized. The company has the charge to design and manufacture four diffrent types of internally recognized e-cig brands including the iTaste, CoolFire, iClear, Gladius, iSub, Innokincell, and Lily. Another target that Innokin seriously works on is to provide their users with environmental-friendly products that can be used for a long time. Innokin has been working hard on replacing the [ Continue Reading… ]

SMOK Ecig Kits

SMOK is not just one of the most popular electronic cigarette brand it is also one of the finest brands offered by the manufacturers Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation LTD which was founded in 2010. The company focuses on electronic cigarette research, development, production and sales throughout the world. Having sold out 80 million units world wide, Smok has been the greatest success of the IVPS co. that has customer across all 7 continents. Smok saw all of this success over a short period of just 7 years. Smok is considered as one of the pioneers of electronic cigarette manufacturing at a global level. Smok offers a variety of electronic cigarette products as one of the industry leaders in the market. Smok offers a variety of simple and high tech kits that suit the needs of both beginners and vaping pros. Besides advanced vaporizers, Smok also offers a variety of e liquids. Unlike other electronic cigarette and eliquid manufacturers, Smok also offers community service to its clients. Smok has been behind [ Continue Reading… ]

All About Aspire E-Cig Kits

Aspire is seen as one of the top electronic cigarette manufacturers. The reason behind Aspire’s unmatched popularity is the product reviews on Youtube that are posted by its ever growing community. Electronic cigarette kits by Aspire are designed in a way that these unique and innovative kits are a perfect fit for both newbies and advanced vapers. Ever since Aspire introduced its kits in the market, the company’s motto is to serve their clients with premium quality electronic cigarettes. Aspire owns more than 25 patents to their name and they continue to introduce a new product every 3 months to make sure that their shelf features the latest e-cig tech. Having introduced 4 products each year, it is pretty easy to point out that people at Aspire are very courageous about focusing on innovation. Aspire broke into the e-cig market with its legendary Vivi Nova Style BDC clearomiser which featured the Bottom Dual Coil technology and offered a detailed flavored and cloud chasing experience to its users. Later, Aspire introduced [ Continue Reading… ]

Vaping Abroad

Do not take any chances – Take a look at our vaping guide while traveling abroad Vaping on Airplanes These days, vaping e-cigs on plains is not allowed. One is recommended to do it before heading to the check-in desk. At the same time, do not forget that vaping in or within some airports is not allowed. You are also required to put your e-liquid in a suitable container before boarding an airplane. Moreover, you should keep your e-liquid tank or bottle in clear plastic. If you do not have a clear plastic bag, worry not! The airport usually supplies them. Anytime you are traveling abroad; when you buy e-liquid you should never buy more then 100ml; otherwise, you could find it taken from you. Ensure that you have wrapped your e-cig, and any other part or spare in towels; and place them in a covered bag before despatcher. This is because the change in pressure during flight can cause the liquid container to leak. Read And Understand The Law [ Continue Reading… ]

How To Stop Your Vape Tank From Leaking

When it comes to vaping, not much else is more frustrating than having to deal with a vape tank that leaks when you want to try out a new flavor of e-liquid. Certain vape tanks can start to leak even after you have had the e-juice in the tank for some time already. It is not only frustrating when all of the juice has leaked out, but a real headache when the e-juice has leaked out in your pocket or purse. Fortunately, there are some vaping tips to stop or prevent your vaping tank from experiencing a leak. These basic tips can preserve the eliquid in your vaping tank and save you on frustration and money. Fill The Tank Carefully One of the first tips on preventative measures which are able to avoid the typical causes related to leaky vape-tanks is to take care when filling the vape tank. Pay attention to where you are filling the liquid into, as it is highly possible to squirt the e-liquid into the [ Continue Reading… ]