5 Apps To Help You Quit Smoking

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Some people find it quite easy to ditch the cigs and will no doubt tell you how they managed to go cold turkey with no problems whatsoever… but for the vast majority, it’s a very different story and it’s likely that you’ll need to use some kind of quitting aid to help you leave cigarettes behind you forever.

It’s certainly worth visiting your local Denton ecig shop to talk over the benefits of vaping high quality eliquids and how this can help you quit smoking for good, but you might also want to use your smartphone and an app or two to really get you going. Here are some of the best apps out there at the moment that can be used as quitting aids.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach

This is a free app (so a winner straightaway), allowing you to either be brave and go cold turkey or gradually reduce your smoking until you’ve weaned yourself off the fags. You can easily set reminders and goals, as well as little motivations for yourself to keep you on track. And you can earn achievement badges as you go… who doesn’t love a gold star every now and again?


This app makes use of game techniques, mechanics and thinking to help you stop smoking. You can also put lots of personal stats in to show you how long it’s been since you smoked, how much money you’ve saved and how many cigs you haven’t smoked.


This is a Public Health England app offering you a four-week programme that provides you with practical support, tailored advice and encouragement if you do want to quit as soon as possible. You’ll receive daily support messages, badges to reward you for progress, a savings calculator and tips to help you with your cravings.

Butt Out

Aside from having a great pun as a name, this app allows you create motivational pictures and quotes to remind you just why you want to quit in the first place. It also lets you track your cravings and smoking to show you your progress, as well as providing you with stats on health improvement, money saved, cigs not smoked and more.


Another free app if you’re counting your pennies, Prank comes with a funky little character that you can beat up from time to time when your cravings simply become too much. It also rewards you immediately after you’ve resisted a cigarette by showing you some randomly picked videos to help you forget about your craving until the moment has passed. Fun!

We’d love to hear how you’ve found quitting cigs so far this year. Or if you’re about to try and quit for the first time, come in and see us at our Denton shop for some words of wisdom and lots of good, helpful advice.