5 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 4 min read

The newest and only technology in the tobacco industry is growing like crazy. People everywhere are making the switch from old chemically potent cigarettes to e-cigs vapor. Helping so many of us switch and help us get off those old smoke sticks has really rubbed big tobacco companies the wrong way.

Their stranglehold on their industry has been un-phased for the years and years that they have been around. But e-cigs have become something special, and have already become a serious threat to take over the market, and produce healthier customers.

Sure e-cigarettes are not all good—they things that are still bad for you in them, but when you compared the two the decision is clear. E-cigarettes are the healthier option.

But with that has come stories far and wide aimed to make them look as criminal and bad as traditional smoking. But we are going to take five of these ridiculous stories that you may have heard—and were going to debunk them.

Let’s begin.

1. E-Liquid Contains Antifreeze

Yes, we all have heard this one. “Doesn’t that have antifreeze in it though?” Your mate may have asked. No, it does not contain anti-freeze in it. If it did countless e-cigarettes smokers would be dying painfully horrific deaths all over the world.

But we are not.

Where this myth comes from is an actual fact though. One of the main ingredients of e-liquid is propylene glycol.

This is a clear, odor-less, and non-corrosive chemical that is used as a base to flavors and nicotine. It is also used in anti-freeze, again as a base but the difference is when its in antifreeze its jam paced with chemicals that prevent ice from forming in your car engine, and melt your insides if you consume it. PG in e-liquid is just PG with nicotine and flavors infused.

2. E-Cigarettes Are A Gateway To Smoking

This one came about pretty easily actually. The term “gateway” has been side by side with drug for a long time, and it has been a buzz word used by anti-drug and anti-smoking supporters. E-cigarettes are require by UK law to not be sold to anyone under the age of 18 just like regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been making the news because so many traditional smokers are now taking this healthier option. So the complete opposite of this myth is true.

Regular cigarettes are gateways to e-cigarettes.

3. E-Cigarettes Taste Bad

This one is purely coming from someone who is just no fully educated in the world of vaping. They may have had a bad flavor that didn’t sit well with their taste buds, or had a e-liquid with too much nicotine in it. Or they didn’t buy from a top brand like Simply E Liquid and opted for another lesser brand name here in the UK.

No matter the reason, anyone who says e-cigarettes taste bad just simply hasn’t explored the flavors enough. You can almost get any kind of flavor you want, whether it be a traditional smoking tobacco taste, a fruity flavor, your favorite soda, other candies, and much more.

This is like someone eating a box of “Good and Plenty” and saying “Candy tastes bad”.

4. Explosive E-Cigarette

The amount of stories of this actually happening are minimal at best. It is possible for an e-cig to explode. But the favors that have to align themselves in order for it to happen are highly unlikely.

When this has happened, it has been due to vapors modifying their set-ups without understanding the properties of voltage, wattage, and resistance. When you start to tinker around with that, you need to know what your doing.

Luckily, here in the UK, branded e-cigarettes are full-proof and trusted. Sent through vigorous testing and engineered properly—you don’t ever have to worry about something like that ever happening. But if you really want to put e-cigarettes with this label, you might want to look at what your buying and how your using it.

5. Vaping Looks Odd

This isn’t so much a myth as it is an opinion, and what I feel is the only thing holding back some people from making the switch. Sure it looks a little different when you pull out your Simply E Liquid Starter Kit in a circle of mates having a fag. You stand out, and people may look at you weirdly.

But that shouldn’t ever stop you, in fact they may be puzzled at first just ecause it is something so new to them, and than upon further review will want to take a puff to try it.

I have had it time and time again, someone see’s me vaping---instantly starts to ask me questions about it. And they don’t even really look weird. Simply E Liquid has some seriously cool, edgy, and trendy styles for their different kits, batteries, and cartridges.


So there you have it. There are give of the most popular and wildly un-true myths that have been circling about e-cigarettes. I am awaiting more to surface which we all know they will, but for now I hope that you understand that because these are so new, and innovative people are going to want to try and take advantage of this industry changing product by releasing false information.

Chances are…these started by Marlboro and Camel executives, so lets just say this is to be continued…