Traveling Guide: E-Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Your off to see a new and exciting place or maybe your heading back to your favorite spot or to visit family. Well you have taken up electronic cigarette smoking, and you obviously don’t want to go anywhere without your personal e-cig.

But how does that go you might ask?

Do they take away your electronic cigarette when you go through security?

Can you puff on it in the air plane?

Well we decided to find the answers for you, and put together a few things you should know before you set off into the air with your e-cigarette.

Going Through Security

Getting through UK airport security should be no problem with an e-cig. We suggest that you twist off your tank from your battery—just in case. Put the battery with your other electronics, and you won’t have to worry about the tank—just put it in your bag.

Taking Your E-Liquid

If you have a bunch of e-liquid to bring with you remember that you can’t bring a more than 100 ml of liquid with your hand carry on and it won’t be an issue.

The majority of the airports we have here in the UK have banned e-cigs and have treated them just like regular cigarettes. So you will be hard pressed to find a place to puff while your in flights, or even walking through the terminal. “Hearthrow Airport” is the only airport that we know of that has integrated its own vaping lounge and bar—lets hope other start to follow suite.

Checked Bag—Think Again!

The problem seems to be an easy fix doesn’t it? All these complications could simply be solved by just putting your e-cig and all of its parts in your checked bag as opposed to your carry-on right?


For some weird reason that we haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of, it is unlawful to check e-cigarettes in your checked bag. It has been stated as a “safety concern” which we have found a little odd. Hopefully more light will be shed on this in the future, but for now just keep it out of that checked bag!

Your E-Cig In Flight

Ok so this is one that we all want to know. Are the days of enjoying some form of tobacco on an airplane back?

As of right now, no they are not. Airlines will allow you to have them on you, but charging them or puffing on them is still not allowed. Plus, those around you who may not quite understand what an e-cig is will complain like crazy.

Hopefully one day the rest of the world will see how unharmful e-cigs are, but until then you just need to respect the rules and keep it in your bag.


Traveling with your e-cigarette is something that can become a little annoying. The rules and precedents set by our distant criminal cousin—traditional smoking. We are reduced to hide our e-cigarette while we travel still. But hopefully one day, we will be able to enjoy our nicotine again, no matter where we are.