5 Tips to Make Your Switch to Vaping Easier

April 29, 2022 2 min read

So you've decided to make the switch…from smoking to vaping; you’re feeling confident but nervous, hopeful but realistic. Maybe you've tried to give up smoking in the past and failed…perhaps you've never tried and are banking on e-cigarettes to be your ticket out of addiction.

To help you on the road to recovery from nicotine addiction, the following 5 tips should be your guidance and starting point as you begin a new life and a new routine away from cigarettes and towards freedom.

1: It’s not the same as quitting:

Your very first emotional barrier may well be that quitting is scary. Part of you might not even wantto quit. If you smoke cigarettes then you probably enjoy them…you like the routine and you like the feeling. What you don’t like is the fear of the damage you’re doing to your health and probably the financial burden which smoking brings with it. This is what to do; stop saying your quitting smoking and begin telling yourself that you’re substitutinginstead. A switch to vaping doesn’t mean you loose anything…you only gain. You still get the throat hit, the nicotine and the routine which you’re so stuck on doesn’t have to change.

2: Ensure you get the correct liquid:

Don’t make the mistake of buying liquid which is too weak or too strong for your needs. The last thing you need is a feeling of dissatisfaction when using your e-cig. Speak to your retailer, ask questions and get advice from other vapers. If you can get your dosage right then you should be just fine with your new e-cig and you won’t get any cravings.

3: Keep a spare battery:

Don’t let yourself get in a position where you’re going to be “forced” to go out and buy cigarettes just because your battery is flat and you can’t vape. Keep two batteries and swap them around regularly. Charge both routinely. You don’t need to remember to buy cigarettes any more…this is your new routine.

4: Try lots of e liquids:

Try as many flavours as possible to give yourself a shot at finding the best one for your personal taste. You might not think you’d enjoy a mint flavour liquid…but many people are surprised at how much they enjoy the non tobacco flavoured liquids…and it’s another step away from cigarettes!

5: Buy the best e-cigarette that you can afford: You really don’t need to break the bank but do avoid the cheapest or the disposable type. They’re not great and won’t do you any favours in your quest to stop smoking.

It’s a big change to make…recognise that and try to enjoy making the switch. Vaping is a completely different pastime to smoking and you should acknowledge that as you make your change. Tell yourself how well you are doing and talk about your new life to those around you. Don’t try to do it alone and secretly…share and discuss with others and you will have much more chance of success. 

Image Source: https://www.ecigclick.co.uk/