Vaping 101: What is a Dry Hit?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

There are numerous teething problems which are easily fixed when it comes to vaping for newcomers. An often remarked on phenomena is the so-called “dry hit” which is an unpleasant and off-putting sensation sometimes experienced when a vaper takes a draw on an e-cigarette only to experience a nasty tasting sensation which is sometimes likened to breathing in burned plastic or a chemical-type flavour.

What causes a dry hit and how can it be avoided?

Dry hits usually occur when the e liquid is not drawn into the device correctly and you’re inhaling burnt vapour from the heated element inside. The steps to take in order to avoid this include the following.

  • Ensure the device is correctly put together and that parts which screw into one another are firm but not over-tight.
  • Check the interior parts look undamaged and sound.
  • Vape in a slower manner to the way in which you used to smoke cigarettes. Short, sharp puffs may assist the juice to travel well within the device.

Dry hits are unpleasant but happen only rarely. Ensure that you keep your equipment in tip top condition at all times. Look after the e-cigarette and have it checked over it you feel it’s not performing well but you cannot see the reason.

Sometimes a lack of maintenance may result in dry hits and the problem can be easily stopped with cleaning the device and putting it back together properly.

Vaping might mean that you need to learn how to care for your equipment but the payback is more than worth it when the cost and the long term freedom from tobacco comes into play. If you have any doubts about your e-cigarettes performance, ask someone who understands the devices well to check that you are filling and tightening it correctly and if you’re still unhappy, speak to your supplier.