6 Reasons To Switch To Vaping Right Now

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Last week saw the sixth National Cigarette Amnesty Day take place on January 14th, the day set aside to help encourage smokers to ditch the smokes and pop off to their local Stockport vape shop to find out more about vaping and the health benefits it can bring.

But, of course, it’s often an awful lot easier said than done to quit smoking for good and while vape pens are an especially useful weapon to have in your arsenal in the fight against cigarettes, you will need to exercise a bit of willpower as well. Knowing the facts can certainly help you stick to your goals, so here are a few of the very best reasons to take up vaping and quit smoking in 2019.

It’s less harmful than smoking

Research from Public Health England shows that vaping is at least 95 per cent less harmful than those cigarettes you’ve been puffing away on for years, so make sure that you separate fact from fiction when considering the health benefits of both.

Vaping is proven to help people quit

Stats from both Public Health England and Action on Smoking and Health show that vaping is a very effective quitting aid indeed, helping 20,000 quit smoking each year and with more than three million smokers already using vape pens to quit or reduce the amount they smoke.

You’ll save yourself a pretty penny

If your motivation to quit smoking is to save yourself some money, make note of facts from Cancer Research UK showing that the average vaper will save themselves £800 a year compared to someone who smokes.

You can have fun experimenting with flavours

All cigarettes taste basically the same, with the only difference between brands being the strength and amount of nicotine contained within. But with vaping, you can have a huge amount of fun trying out different flavours and working out which ones are your favourites. There are thousands to sample, so you’ll be kept very busy indeed. You’re sure to appreciate the fact that you’re not left with a foul taste in your mouth as well.

You can control your nicotine levels

Not only is there lot of choice where eliquids are concerned, but they also allow you to purchase different levels of nicotine from zero to five per cent – perfect if you’re trying to quit since you can reduce your nicotine intake gradually and your cravings won’t be as bad.

You won’t smell

Of course, you’ve noticed that your clothes smell of cigarette smoke after a night out puffing away… and it really is a horrible, lingering odour. And what about your hair and your fingers? Smoking cigarettes makes both of these smell as well, but with vaping this concern is removed entirely so you don’t have to worry about being offputting.