A Short Guide To Electronic Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Over the last two years, e cigs have become very popular with users from all over the world. The electronic versions are popular as they do not emit secondary smoke and they are very safe. However, using an electronic cigarette is a little different from conventional cigarettes and we've created a short guide to help you out.

Start with newbie e-cig kits and then ramp up

Switching over to eletronic cigarettes is easy but you have to do it slowly. We recommend you start with newbie or starter kits that will slowly accustom your lungs to the e-vape experience. Once you are used to the lower dose and you learn how to smoke from an e-vape kit, you can then switch over to a higher dose and a different flavor. You can also find several great kits that retail wonderful flavors from all over the world.

Vape liquids -- Once you are used to the new vapor experience, you can easily start choosing different types of smoking liquids. China was the original manufacturer of liquids and they made several unique flavors. However, these were not really compatible with the American market. As a result, we do recommend that you choose local flavors marketed by local manufacturers. For example, local companies make vapor liquids that taste just like conventional American cigarettes. You can order your materials from a reliable dealer and then choose any type of kit you want.

Types of e cigarette units

Now companies create e-smoking units that mimic natural cigarettes completely. That means that your vape kit looks completely like a cigarette but it does not emit secondary smoke or the classic smell of an e cig. However, you can use the units in several different ways. For example, manual kits have a button on the side that you press down on to regulate the experience. Automatic units are better though as you don't have to do anything except press down and take a deep breath. This simplifies the smoking and automatic kits make it that much easier to smoke comfortably without the need to use both hands.


Now all e-vape kits can be charged directly or through USB chargers. All you have to do is connect the unit to your computer, to your car or even to a portable battery. This ensures that you can charge your smoking unit anywhere and at anytime. Now all units also have replaceable batteries that can be switched over when the battery runs down. A single battery can usually last for about 300 puffs but it actually depends on how frequently you smoke, and the depth of the breaths you take, on your kit.

E cigarettes Nicotine strength

Traditionally, we recommend you start with the lowest nicotine strength possible. This is because your lungs are not used to the pure nicotine content of a cigarette. However, once your lungs have been used to the low strength, they can easily start using a higher strength nicotine strength. The very first few puffs can make you feel a little lightheaded but eventually you do get used to the smoking experience.

The bottom line

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