E-Cig Tips: How to Improve Vapour Production

April 29, 2022 4 min read

A lot of people, when introduced to the world of vaping, like to go with a simpler gadget that provides a reasonable vaping experience. For most, it is an alternative for getting over their bad habit of smoking. Once a beginner becomes more use to of experimenting with different flavors and gets introduced to a circle of experienced pros, advance vaping devices that offer a superior vaping experience and make those huge clouds, becomes a need.

Battery safety is a very important factor to consider when expecting higher vapour production from your vaping device. Amp Limit of a battery specifies how much current a battery can safely provide. Always make sure that your separately bought battery for a mod offers a high continuous amp limit. If you use a high-tech mod that come along with a built-in battery and features variable voltage and wattage then you don’t have to worry about the Amp Limit. Such mods comes along with pre-programmed amp limits that ensure higher safety. Talking about high vapor production for all of you cloud chasers out there, below are some tips that can help you with that.

1- Switch onto a High Power Vaping Device

We didn’t want our first advice to be something that would cost you money but as long as we’re talking about higher performance, you can’t expect high vapour production from basic vaping devices like vape pens and eGo-style e-cigs. Actually, all of the tips on this list are compiled assuming that you own a vaping device that either features a high-performance atomizer or variable voltage/wattage. You would be glad to know that most variable voltage/wattage devices come for quite a reasonable price. You can find many high-tech mods under $50 but if you can spend a little extra, it’ll never disappoint you.

2- Get a High-Performance Atomizer

We would always recommend a high-performance device as a whole rather than trying to upgrade the one that you have. The atomizer of a vaping device highly influences the vapour production provided by the device and when you talk about a basic e-cig device, there isn’t much that you can do in this regard. Most pro cloud chasers use and recommend sub-ohm tanks or re-buildable atomizers because they both usually feature low-resistance coils and hence can facilitate higher power through the coils. For beginners, sub-ohm tanks are the best option as they work like a simple clearomizer used in basic vaping devices.

3- Go for Higher Wattage

Vapour production is directly proportional to the amount of power supplied by the vaping device. It is very easy to understand that if more current will flow through the atomizer coils then more e-liquid will be vaporized resulting in higher vapour production. Variable Voltage/Wattage devices (VV/VW) are considered ideal for an enhanced vaping experience as well as higher vapour production. One thing that you will have to be careful about is to not destroying your coils by going too far on the power settings. Start with a lower power and then work your way to the top, gradually while you learn how to balance your power setting in accordance with the amount of vapour that you can produce at a specific power level.

4- Higher Airflow

Like power, airflow over the coils is also directly proportional to the amount of vapours that would be produced. In simpler words, more airflow over the coils means higher vapour production. Less airflow might let you produce the amount of vapours that you want but the thing that you would notice is that the vapours will be very concentrated and hot, they wouldn’t disperse as much or look huge, and would also result in an unpleasant inhale. Higher airflow will result in more dispersed vapours and you would also notice them to be reasonably cooler. Lower airflow with higher wattages doesn’t mix up and you would find yourself dealing with really hot vapours that would almost make it difficult to vape. You can handle this situation by going for an atomizer that features adjustable airflow.

5- Higher VG E-Liquid is the Answer

If you have ever been wondering what that VG/PG ratio means on your e-liquid bottle, it helps you understand how much vapor production you can expect from your e-liquid. Higher the VG of a specific e-juice, higher will be the production of thick and dense vapor clouds. That means, higher VG juices are ideal for the vapers interested in cloud chasing. If you like the throat hit that you get from your e-liquid then you would also want to have a reasonable amount of PG. This throat hit can feel a little harsh on higher power settings but on the other hand, VG which feels smooth on inhales can provide quite an exciting experience at a higher power setting.

Besides these basic do’s and don’ts, higher vapor generation also goes hands in hands with your vaping style but at the end of the day, if you own a vaping device slightly more advanced than a vape pen, there are a lot of customization possibilities that can help you achieve the amount of vapor production that you like and want. We always encourage vapers to experiment various settings and customizations to see what fits their vaping styles the best but always keeping safety in mind. If you’re new to sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing, we would always recommend getting a reasonably priced mod that offers all of the above-mentioned necessities to help you get started right away.