All About Aspire E-Cig Kits

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Aspire is seen as one of the top electronic cigarette manufacturers. The reason behind Aspire’s unmatched popularity is the product reviews on Youtube that are posted by its ever growing community. Electronic cigarette kits by Aspire are designed in a way that these unique and innovative kits are a perfect fit for both newbies and advanced vapers.

Ever since Aspire introduced its kits in the market, the company’s motto is to serve their clients with premium quality electronic cigarettes. Aspire owns more than 25 patents to their name and they continue to introduce a new product every 3 months to make sure that their shelf features the latest e-cig tech. Having introduced 4 products each year, it is pretty easy to point out that people at Aspire are very courageous about focusing on innovation.

Aspire broke into the e-cig market with its legendary Vivi Nova Style BDC clearomiser which featured the Bottom Dual Coil technology and offered a detailed flavored and cloud chasing experience to its users. Later, Aspire introduced the E-Pen clearomiser that is compatible with the eGo style batteries which are considered a standard in the e-cig world. The design of the E-pen clearomiser was accounted for its success as it featured a lid that safeguarded the drip tip from exposure to dirt.

Later, Aspire introduced the K1 glass tank that is compatible with the Aspire BVC atomizer head. The vertical design of the atomizer coil facilitated a larger surface area to get in contact with the wick which resulted in detailed flavor and huge vapor clouds using less energy. At this time, Aspire introduced its first starter kit that included the k1 tank, a 900mAh G-Power battery and a charging adapter.

Afterwards, Aspire started the production of e-cig products with glass and stainless steel build. The Vivi Nova evolved into a stainless steel tank featuring a glass window and was dubbed the Vivi Nova S. Around the same time, Aspire introduced the Nautilus cartomizer which featured a Pyrex glass tank and the latest BDC atomiser head. Needless to say, the performance of Aspire’s latest devices is far superior as compared to the previous inventions.

Simply E-liquid currently offers 5 advanced electronic cigarette kits by Aspire namely the Aspire AVP, Aspire K2 Quick start kit, Aspire Breeze 2 AIO, Aspire PockeX Ecig, and the Aspire K3 Quick Start kit. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our stock has something for everyone! So do check it out!