Vaping Abroad

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Do not take any chances – Take a look at our vaping guide while traveling abroad

Vaping on Airplanes

These days, vaping e-cigs on plains is not allowed. One is recommended to do it before heading to the check-in desk. At the same time, do not forget that vaping in or within some airports is not allowed. You are also required to put your e-liquid in a suitable container before boarding an airplane.

Moreover, you should keep your e-liquid tank or bottle in clear plastic. If you do not have a clear plastic bag, worry not! The airport usually supplies them. Anytime you are traveling abroad; when you buy e-liquid you should never buy more then 100ml; otherwise, you could find it taken from you.

Ensure that you have wrapped your e-cig, and any other part or spare in towels; and place them in a covered bag before despatcher. This is because the change in pressure during flight can cause the liquid container to leak.

Read And Understand The Law

Reading and understanding e-cig laws is paramount, not only in the UK; but also in other parts of the world. If you are not sure, you can always ask someone, and this should be the last resort. However, the million-dollar question is; what if you are abroad and you do not speak their language?

Well, this is where getting to know local vaping laws is very important. Did you know that there are many countries where vaping is not allowed? Brazil and Mexico are examples of countries that have banned the use of e-cigs altogether. Other countries have specific laws mentioning how large the product can be and/or places where these products should be utilized and bought.

Therefore, a person is advised to do some research before traveling off on holiday. The best place to begin is by reading our Guide To Global Vaping Laws.

Holiday Destination's Temperature

If you wish to spend your holiday in the hottest spot or part of the world, you should look out for your e-cig. Remember, the heat is not good for the product because it may damage both the e-liquid and battery.

When e-liquid is heated, the flavor may change, which will leave you with a vape that nobody wants. The heat may also leave the e-liquid thinner than expected. This will affect the way that it's vaporized. Moreover, the heat can hurt the nicotine in the e-liquid, which will lose its potency. Therefore, it is wise to keep your e-cig in a dry and cool place.

Some people love putting their e-liquid in the cooler to retain its freshness.

A battery in a room temperature that exceeds 38°C, will damage it. Heat affects battery's cells. Therefore, it is wise to keep it away from direct sunlight. The sunlight is not the only source of heat; there are many sources of heat such as a hot car, location temperature, and much more.

For this reason, if you are at the beach, you may want to keep your e-cig in a plastic bag and then inside a cooler to protect it.