Another Study Shows Absence Of E-Cigarette Toxins

April 29, 2022 2 min read

A fresh report into the effects of E-Cigarettes by the International Journal of Research and Public Health has dispelled yet more myths about the popular smoking cessation device which have been beset by confused reports and by the effects of over-zealous authorities’ attempts to control and reduce their spread. The study assessed the vapours emitted by E-Cigarettes for the presence of toxins and mutagens. The methods used in the study were well respected and one known as the Ames test is particularly well-used by the medical profession.

The study was led by Dr. Manoj Misra who along with his team looked not only into the vapours emitted by E-Cigarettes but also into cigarette smoke and nicotine replacement patches for indicators which suggest cell death.

The results of the research showed non-detectable levels of toxins and mutagens in the E-Cigarettes and these results were the same for E-Liquids with and without flavourings and with or without nicotine. This will be a great relief for the many vapers who have been waiting for concrete evidence to prove that vaping is the safer alternative.

The American Council on Science and Health’s Dr. Gil Ross said of the results: “As more and more science on the lack of harm expected from E-Cigs and their vapour comes pouring in, it will-I hope-become harder and harder for those who mindlessly or corruptly oppose this life saving technology to participate in their destructing chorus.”

The research will certainly give a confidence boost to those currently using E-Cigarettes and probably encourage those who were previously nervous of making the change from traditional cigarettes to the much healthier and cheaper alternative. As Dr Ross says, the technology is life-saving…it’s safe and it is more and more recognised in medical circles as a real and world changing solution to the problems of nicotine addiction.

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