April 29, 2022 4 min read

We all have ‘that friend’ that we love to bits but we wish would stop smoking. Smoking doesn’t make you a bad person but being friends with a smoker can be really frustrating at times. A recent study has revealed what people most think are the top 10 annoying habits of their smoking friends.

Before we have a look at the list I would like to say I know this list does not apply to every smoker out there and there are smokers that are courteous and respectful towards other non smokers.

1. Asking For an Ashtray

Usually the reason an ashtray is not present in a house is because it is a non smoking household. Smokers should not just assume that it is simply ok to light up because they are friends with you. In addition to this it is not ok to try and make someone feel guilty about the fact that you don’t want them to smoke in your home – “But I will have to go outside and it’s raining”.

2. Not Cleaning An Ashtray

On the flip side of the above a smoker can do as they wish in their own home, if they fancy a smoke then as long as there are no children or animals living there then it is no problem. However none smokers might be put off from visiting a smokers home due to the smell which can be intensified by not cleaning a used ashtray. Used, unclean ashtrays can be really potent leaving a foul smell.

3. Smoking Near Children Or Babies

There is probably nothing more annoying then someone else smoking near your children or baby. Evidence has also shown that adults that think they are keeping their own children out of harm by smoking outside the front or back door of the family home are still exposing their children to unacceptable levels of nicotine. If you take the conscious decision to have children then you own it to them to quit smoking as soon as you can, most preferably before they are born to provide them with a clean and healthy environment to grow up in.

4. Smoking At The Table

If I am eating at a table I like certain table etiquettes to be followed. You know like not throwing food about, not eating with your mouth open and surprisingly no blowing smoke that has been in your mouth all over my food.

5. Not Discarding Of Used Cigarette Butts Properly.

I really don’t get this one. You get some smokers that would never dream of just throwing their empty crisp packet or used coke bottle on the floor but feel it’s their obligation to just casually flick their used cigarette butt wherever they please. What is with this?

6. Not Realising That It Smells

Sitting in an office for 8 hours straight can be very difficult for a non smoker if their office neighbour sat next to them lights up 5 to 6 times during the typical working hours. The odor of smoke is not the pleasantest of smells.

7.Holding A Lit Cigarette Behind Them

This one really gets to me. Have you ever noticed a smoker that is sat at a table with a group of people holding a lit cigarette behind them? It’s nice to see that they are being considerate to their own friends at their own table but what about the rest of us?

8. Group Congregations

Due to the smoking ban making it illegal for anyone to smoke inside a workplace or any public place for that matter, groups of smokers flood the entrances to buildings puffing away while non smokers try to navigate their way in and out the building through the thick smoke encircling the premises.


There is no way that a smoker can dispute the dangers of smoking and the effects it can have on a person’s health, however every now and again you get someone who will try. I am sure you have heard that one guy who is like “I have been smoking for 50 odd years now and look at me I am a picture of health”. There is one of two possible scenarios here:

  1. He looks like the living dead and is completely oblivious to how smoking has destroyed his body over the years.
  2. The person does look good despite smoking but they are one of the very small minority – all because they have been lucky it does not discredit all the evidence that smoking is bad. Plus this person probably looks like a human ash tray on the inside.

10. ‘Borrowing’ Cigarettes From Others

This is the only one on the list that is actually by smokers against other smokers. Some people feel that if they don’t buy cigarettes then they are not smokers despite constantly taking cigarettes from others every time they light up. This can get very annoying when you are constantly forking out for someone else's expensive habit.