Are Bans on E-Cigs Slowing Down Switching?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

One of the very big and very real challenges that the industry is currently facing at the moment is that there is a distinct lack of people switching from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones.

There’s a couple of different reasons for this, but the main one is that the industry is being blocked. We are promoting on all four cylinders as often as we can, but at the same time, we are struggling from the lack of adverts.

Banning Ads?

It’s safe to say that the government and the television networks and the media are not particularly fond of electronic cigarettes. There is quite a backlash and uproar against them because people see them as being away for teenagers to get started with smoking, even though this is not factually true.

However, what this means is that we often run into a very palpable sense of tension and blocking between us and the rest of the industry, and it does make things quite challenging. Even though companies try to create adverts for electronic cigarettes, they’re not being shown. They are  being removed, refused to be shown, stalled, whatever you wanna call it really. 

No Ads, No Benefits 

Obviously, this is something that we find very frustrating, because it means that there are no benefits being promoted. If there are no benefits, there are no people switching, because there is no idea of the good the electronic cigarettes can do.

Obviously, we do whatever we can to make sure that people are aware of the benefits of electronic cigarettes, but there is a general audience that we can’t tap into without the support of advertisements. So, for example, if we want to promote the world of electronic cigarettes on the television, we may find that it’s quite challenging to do.

These advertisements that aren’t being shown could really take the tables when it comes to shifting the attitude towards smoking. If we can promote the benefits of electronic cigarettes, more and more people might start to make the transition, which means that the overall number of people smoking conventional cigarettes will go down. Obviously, this is difficult to do when people are blocking this line of thinking. Instead, we have to advertise in more indirect ways, which does reduce the overall input that we have.

In summary, the lack of advertisements that are being presented for electronic cigarettes really does present a problem. We’ve done nothing but try and help people for as long as we can, and then to turn around and find out that this is not actually going to be possible as incredibly frustrating. There are so many different options to think about, so many ways to do things, and it’s never been easier for people to give access to the best possible outcomes and alternatives. We can only hope that these advertisements will eventually be allowed back into mainstream media again, so we can begin promoting the benefits of electronic cigarettes as often as possible.