The Savings of Switching to E-Cigs

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Something that we actually do get quite a bit is the compulsion to switch to an e-cig. However, you’re not doing it for your overall health in some cases so much as for your wallet.

This may seem like a strange motivator but there are quite a few savings to come from switching to an electronic cigarette that you may not even be aware of, so let’s go through these benefits together and see how it all adds up. 

Making the Transition 

Being a normal smoker is definitely not cheap to do. There’s a lot of costs that you need to think about and they can all have a significant impact on how easily you can smoke. 

Obviously, being able to provide incredible results and savings is definitely something that you should consider. To try and really make our ahead of time, we thought we would show you just one of the different potential savings options that were on about. If you smoked a pack a day, then by the end of a year of not smoking at all, you’d actually be about £1000 better off.

That’s definitely not small money, and it does really drive home exactly how important it is to start saving where you can, and that smoking is actually a very unhealthy habit for you both medically and financially.

Overall Better

When you stop and take a look at all of the savings that are ready to come from something like this, you start to see just how important it can be for people to make the transition. 

It’s definitely not difficult to see that there are massive savings to be had from electronic cigarettes, and this is a large part of why they’re so appealing.

 For example, on average, it’s so much better to buy your electronic cigarettes and the various bits of accessories and kit that you need for them than it is to buy a pack of normal cigarettes. Somewhere like Tesco sells a variety of different options, and they have some pretty good products, all things considered. They are pretty cheap as well, and the amount of product that you get for your money is quite good, so sticking in some refills with the weekly shop is not a bad thing.

It’s making savings like this which really help to drive home just how good it is to make the transition in the first place, not just from a health and safety perspective, but from a medical one as well. 

So in conclusion, it is pretty easy to see why people should start to make the transition from conventional cigarettes on a financial basis. Being able to make the savings and get access to get product is definitely a winning factor, which is why we always try to provide you with deals and offers. It’s definitely not easy to make the transition, but it is worth it in the long run.