Are You A Hardcore Vaper? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

April 29, 2022 1 min read

Any hardcore vaper will know that there is vaping and VAPING. There are those that vape as a means to beat their smoking addiction and people who vape as a bit of a hobby and then there are people that live, breathe, sleep and eat vaping. You know who you are.

The very fact you have clicked on this post already gives a good indication as to the type of vaper you are but just to confirm your suspicions take the little test below, giving yourself 1 point for every 'yes' answer. Check out your result at the end of the post by adding up the amount of yes's you answered.

Questions To Ask Yourself 

1) Does your Ecig have its own name

2) Can you leave a room without making sure you have your trusty PV with you.

3) You never have spare plugs to charge your phone as any and all plug sockets are taken up charging your ecig batteries.

4) Your bedroom looks like a vaping store

5) You evaluate the amount of eliquid in your tank before heading out.

6) You can describe your eliquid flavours better than any wine connoisseur can describe the latest Chardonnay

7) Your mod is you favourite fashion accessory.

8) You are part of a vaping club

9) A visit from the mailman makes your day 110% better

10) You are reading a post to see if you are a hardcore vaper


Your Score

7-10 = You knew it all along, you're a true hardcore vaper

4-6 = Your nearly there but not quite

1-3 = Are you sure you even vape?