Vaping Games - What Is Cloud Chasing?

April 29, 2022 2 min read


Most people have heard of drinking games but vaping games? You might be wondering what sort of games one could play with an electronic cigarette…we’re not talking hide the thimble here but as humans are by nature creative and playful souls, it was never going to be long before someone started a new vaping related game and the game of the moment is called “Cloud Chasing”.

Sounds a bit fantasy orientated doesn't it? It’s certainly a spectacle…what it involves is competitive cloud creation with electronic cigarettes which have been customised and modified to ensure that those using them are capable of producing vast quantities of vapour.


Vaping Competitions

Vaping competitions with “professional vapers” taking part are spreading across the world with a hardcore of participants being in New York. So-called “Cloud Competitions” are held in vaping bars and hobbyist vapers come along to watch, discuss and share vaping tips and tricks. And it isa tricky, showy pastime with vapers using different techniques to display their vaping skills.

Who Wins?

Men and women stand together and inhale their e liquid, and then let go streams and plumes of vapour in massive bursts and onlookers applaud at the creativity of their displays. Some participants don’t even use nicotine in their customised electronic cigarettes but instead choose to vape just because they enjoy it! The idea of the competitions is that he or she who produces the biggest, densest cloud is the victor!

Cloud Chasing began originally on the West Coast but has spread across the US as more and more people become interested in the art of vaping and in customising their own devices.

These gatherings certainly have a fun and exciting atmosphere and following the banning of smoking cigarettes in public, it is interesting to see the hazy bars crowded with people enjoying the fun and the spectacle of Cloud Chasing.

Whether Cloud Chasing takes off as a worldwide “sport” remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure, it’s certainly entertaining America at the moment!