Atomizer Maintenance Tips

April 29, 2022 4 min read

Picture of an Atomizer

Atomizers are the most famous type of tanks among the vapers and when you talk about pre-made atomizer heads, getting the best out of them for an extended period of time is a major concern to deal with. You also have to deal with more expenses than there should be because of the fact that you have to order more coils on a regular basis. If you’re looking for ways to expand the life of your atomizer heads then below is what you need to do.

How To Tell That An Atomizer Head Has Expired?

Before we talk about how to prolong the life of an atomizer head, it is important that we discuss that how can you tell that an atomizer head has served its time. Burnt taste or extremely low to no vapor production are the main indications that your atomizer head is dead. Your coils actually don’t die themselves; it’s the wicks that burn out because of their fragile composition. The main function of the coils is to convert the e-liquid into vapors by getting hot and there still are chances of degradation of the coil material. You would also want to avoid any “dry hit” that causes the burning of the wick. Cotton wick is specifically more affected by a dry it. The performance of the e-cig starts to decline because of this. This is the reason why vapers who use re-buildable vaping devices don’t have to deal with such problems and get the best out of their coils because they have the option to change the wick easily when needed.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Coils?

Prime the Atomizer Coils Before Usage

It is a simple thing to do but very important and effective none-the-less but doing it wrong can also permanently destroy your coil’s efficiency. You should let the juice settle in and saturate for a couple of minutes after you install a new coil and fill up the tank with an e-liquid. Not using your e-cig device for at least five minutes after you fill in your favorite e-liquid after fixing a new coil might sound heartbreaking but it will save your coil from getting damaged and will prolong its lifespan. The wick of a newly installed coil is completely dry and it is important that you let the wick absorb the much-needed amount of e-liquid to avoid any dry hit. If you cannot wait till the wick soaks up the e-liquid then you can dip your wick in the e-liquid or you can drop a small amount of e-liquid on the wick which you can see through the space in the atomizer head. You will have to be careful with the amount of e-liquid that you add because you will not want to end up flooding it.

Switch to Lower-VG E-liquids

The density of the e-liquid has a negative effect on coil performance as less amount of juice is soaked by the wick in a given amount of time. Priming might help you get some great puffs out of your higher VG e-liquid but over time the efficiency of the wick will be reduced, causing problems. The problem although is less prominent in the advanced tanks but high VG e-liquids can still cause many problems on a longer run. When you take a puff from your e-cig, the e-liquid which is in contact with the atomizer coils gets evaporated and hence the most functional section of the wick is left to dry out. Switching onto a PG- based e-liquid can be very helpful because it offers comparatively low density and hence the wick is able to work more efficiently.

Lower the Wattage/Power

Higher power settings can also negatively affect the wick and if you’re operating your e-cig device at a very high wattage then it can also burn down the coils as well as the wick. The same science goes behind this problem like the ones mentioned above. If you’re burning more e-liquid than the amount which is getting soaked in by the wick, properly, then you’ll definitely be dealing with a dry wick and an extremely hot coil. It all goes hands in hands with the wicking ability of your device’s atomizer with relevance to the power settings of your device. More power means that the atomizer coils will be burning/consuming more e-liquid at a given time and there won’t be any e-liquid to be vaporized and cool off the coil and wick. If the e-liquid that you’re using is too thick then you will be facing problem at a lower power setting and if it’s too thin then you would be having problems at a higher wattage depending on the capability of your atomizer. The problem is solved in most advanced vaping devices because they come along with power range settings that allow the users to save their coils from damage.