A complete dictionary of various ‪vaping‬ terminologies (F-Z)

April 29, 2022 4 min read

Favour Cigarette:The first smokeless cigarette to be ever introduced to the world.
Fins:Fins are elevated metal ridges that help in heat dissipation and are found on the drip tip of an e-cig tank.
Filling:Filling is used to cover a cartomizer. Also known as wadding or filler, it is basically an extension of the wick which helps absorb the e-juice going into the coil.
Flavor Chaser:A vaper who prefers flavor over cloud chasing is called a flavor chaser.
Flooding:The Accumulation of e-liquid in the atomizer is referred as flooding.

Genesis Atomizer:It is a design of the RBA in which a tank is located below the coil deck.

Han Li:Often referred to as Hon Lik in the west is the person who invented the modern-day e-cig.
Herbert Gilbert:Some people consider Herbert to be the real inventor of electronic cigarettes who designed and patented the battery powered vaping device in the early 1960’s.
Hookah pen:Also known as shisha pen are e-cigs inspired by the Asian/Arabian hookah and shisha. These devices are usually long in length and mostly come along with flavors that are similar to those of a hookah.
Hot spots:Hot spots occur on the clearomizer coils and result in bad taste.

IBVTA:It is an acronym for Independent British Vaping Trade Association which supports independent e-cig industry.

Joules:It is the unit of energy usually referred to the amount of energy an e-cig battery can provide per unit time.

Kanthal Wire:Kanthal wire refers to a specific type of alloy which is used for the manufacturing of resistance wire.

LED:LED stands for light emitting diode. In the e-cig world, it usually refers to the colorful display of the device or the light that lights up on each drag and gives the e-cig a resembling look to the combustible cigarettes. In some models, the LED light flashes to indicated low battery and glows when the battery is fully charged.
LR:LR stands for Low Resistance.

mAh:mAh stands for Milli amp per hour.
Mech Mod:Also known as Mechanical Mod, these are devices that feature a battery and switch without any user safety or protection.
Mod:E-cigs that are modified into unique designs use to be called mods initially but now the term is widely used for mass produced vaping devices that are box shaped.
Mouth to lung:It is a phenomenon in which vapor from the e-cig when dragged is kept in the mouth for a while before pushed towards the lungs.

Nic Base:It is a liquid that contains nicotine and is usually mixed with a flavor of choice.
NNA:NNA stands for New Nicotine Alliance which is an independent, non-profit organization which promotes e-cig understanding.
Nichrome/Nickel Wire:It is basically a device which is used to measure the temperature of e-cig coils.
Norman L Jacobson:The person who introduced the term vaping.

Ohms:It is the unit of electrical resistance which in e-cig terminology represents the resistance offered by the atomizer coils.
Organic Cotton:Material preferred by e-cig pros for covering wicks.

Pen-Style:E-cigs that resemble a ball-point.
Passthrough:A device that allows the vapers to charge their e-cig devices with their computer or a USB charger while the device is being used.
Propylene Glycol:It is a colorless liquid which is found in a large proportion in the e-liquids.
PV:An acronym for Personal Vaporizer.


RBA/RDA:RBA stands for Re-buildable Atomizer while RDA stands for Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer.
Resistance:Usually referred to as coil resistance. It is the resistance offered by the coils in an atomizer and is measured in ohms.

Second Generation E-Cigarettes:Second generation e-cigs are classified by the scientists as the e-cigs with tank systems.
Sub-ohm vaping:Vaping with a lower coil resistance usually below one ohm is called sub-ohm vaping.

TC:TC stands for Temperature Control. A lot of modern day e-cigs and mods come along with a temperature control feature that allows the user to choose a specific operating temperature rather than a voltage or wattage.
Throat Hit:Different types of e-liquid offer different types of throat hits which is basically the feeling of a vapor hitting the throat on inhale.


Vape:The phenomena of inhaling vapors from an e-cig device.
Vaper:A person who uses e-cig devices for vaping.
Vaping:The act or habit of using an e-cig device for the purpose of recreation is called vaping.
VG:VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin which is a colorless, odorless and sweet liquid found in the e-juice mixture. This liquid contributes to higher vapor production.

Watt:It is the scientific unit for power.
Wick:It is a piece of fabric mostly cotton that can be found inside a cartridge. It helps absorb e-juice before it is converted into vapors.

X-Vaping:The phenomena of exhaling vapor after a complete drag.

You:A person who likes to vape and read e-cig blogs.

Zero Nic:E-liquids that does not contain any nicotine or in other words, nicotine-free e-liquids.
Zooping:Usage of e-cig at a zoo.