Benefits Of Introducing E-Cigarettes to your Employees

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Woman smoking a cigarette

Did you know that on average around 100 working hours are spent out of the office on smoking breaks? To look at this figure from a different angle we could say that office smokers take an additional 12+ days annual paid leave then the rest of their working cohorts.

Battle Of The Workers:

Now looking at the above it can be clear why some none smokers get upset with what seems like office inequality - why should these people get to what is technically an extra 12 days holiday? However the smokers would counteract this argument by stating that they have been pushed from their work place due to the UK smoking ban and therefore it is not their fault they have to leave the working environment in order to satisfy their addiction.

Well from the first glance this doesn’t look good. It seems whichever way you look at it there is no option that would potentially satisfy both parties. The none smokers feel they are being treated unfairly while the smokers say they have a right to smoke.

A Solution To A Seemingly Impossible Problem:

But what if there was a way? What if we could satisfy both parties? No, none smoker I am not suggesting that you get an extra 12 days holiday, good try though!!! Instead what if we could bring the smokers back indoors but without the second hand smoking? I would like to introduce you to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are exactly as their name suggests, they are an electronic equivalent of the analog cigarette. These devices use a water based eliquidthat is available in a whole array of nicotine strengths and flavours. The idea being the user picks an eliquid that corresponds to the amount of nicotine they usually inhale and then try to wean this down over time until they have broke the addiction.

Since there is no combustion in these devices they are not affected by the UK smoking ban and can therefore be legally used indoors. However it must be stated that this is up to the discretion of the individual business owner.

How could Electronic Cigarettes Positively Affect My Business?

1. Well the obvious answer here is that it brings the smokers back indoors therefore increasing office productivity.

2. The above will lead to improved office moral as the resentment that was previously felt by none smokers will dissipate due to everyone working the same hours.

3. There is no second hand smoke from e cigs so other employees will not be affected. Also the vapour produced is odourless meaning there will be no tobacco smells floating about the office.

4. Better for the environment – No cigarette butts lying around on the floors outside the office doors.

If you are a business owner you may have to be prepared to fork the bill for these devices if you are serious with your office smokers making the switch to e cigs. However when you look at the advantages to making this switch the electronic cigarettes are clearly a sound business investment.