What E Liquid Would I Like?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

E liquid is a substance which is placed inside your electronic cigarette. It is essential for the full function of your electronic cigarette. You may have heard that there are many different E liquids on the market, and you would be right. There are so many to choose from that many people do not know which to go for first. A first time user of the electronic cigarette will probably find the amount of choice overwhelming!

E liquid comes with two different choices, the nicotine strength and the flavour.

The nicotine strength is an important one to get right. However, many people use a process of trial and error in order to get to the right strength of nicotine.

If you are currently a heavy user of traditional cigarettes, then you might want to match your nicotine intake so that you do not suffer any withdrawal symptoms. Some people believe that you need to overcompensate for the nicotine in the electronic cigarette, but this is not true. The nicotine strength in the E liquid is just as strong as in real cigarettes, so there is no need to opt for a larger dose then you would usually be comfortable with.

The next thing you need to think about when it comes to E liquid is the flavour you would like to choose. The e liquid flavour is important and this is the taste that you will instantly get when you inhale the tube.

Some people like to start off with traditional cigarette flavours, so that they can mimic the real smoking experience as closely as possible. This is ideal for the first time user who is trying to use the electronic cigarette to quit smoking.

Other people like to experiment with their flavours, for example some people like to go for coffee or chocolate flavour. You can also buy a DIY E liquid kit, which will allow you mix various different flavours together. For example, you could combine lemon with honey, or even vanilla with chocolate! Anything you like you can mix together. Even if you think you might not like a flavour, for example if you do not like coffee, do not immediately discount the coffee flavoured E liquid as often it can have a different flavour and you might actually enjoy it!

The E liquid you choose will probably be different to that of your friends. Everybody has unique tastes and this means that you need to find your own likes and dislikes which may take a process of trial and error. This is perfectly normal, so just enjoy it!