Bubblegum E Liquid – A Flavour For The Kids In All Of Us!

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Bubblegum e-liquid is a popular flavour of e-liquid, appealing to people who still feel young at heart! Bubblegum reminds us of youth and cheeky treats, which is exactly why this flavour is so popular.

“I heard the e-liquid is expensive.”

No! Reputable uk eliquid suppliers are selling cheap e-liquid at very reasonable prices. You can change your e cig flavour as you like! It works out as 1 Bottle of 30ml E-Liquid which equates to 120 cartridges.

“I heard the bubblegum flavour is only for younger smokers. Is this true?”

No! Bubblegum is a flavour for everyone of any age and stage of smoking.

“I am a first time user of the e cig. I am not sure about getting bubblegum flavour, I feel I should start with regular cigarette flavour.”

Some people may feel reluctant to try this e liquid if it is their first time but this is what is so great about e liquids- you can mix and match and you never have to stick with one flavour! Bubblegum flavour will introduce you to the variety that e liquids have to offer, you don’t have to start with normal cigarette flavour – you could buy both.

“I don’t like bubblegum so why should I like this?”

Obviously the bubblegum flavour in the e liquid is nothing like the sesnsation of chewing real bubblegum. You might not like real gum, but the flavour of this is sweet and interesting so you should give it a go. Our reviewers found it to be a great choice for those who have a sweet tooth and who want a bit of fun trying new flavours. Bubblegum flavour gives a whole other dimension to smoking the e cig- it is ideal for anyone who wants to veer away from their normal flavour of e cig and try something new .

“Should bubblegum flavour only be used as a treat?”

No, you can use this e liquid flavour whenever you like, even at work. No one will know as no one can smell the bubblegum flavourings.  Some people choose to mix up their flavours and try a different one each day or at different times of the day- you are individual so you probably have your own ideas about when you want to smoke what flavour. Some smokers of the e cig prefer to use this e liquid after a meal as the sweet bubblegum taste has much the same effect as a dessert after dinner – but without the calories!

“What does bubblegum e liquid come in? Will people know I have it?”

The bubblegum e liquid comes in a bottle, like any e liquid, designed to be dispensed per drop so this means no mess on your hands. You don’t have to have any contact with the liquid itself. Just put 2-3 drops into your cartridge and you can then use your e cigarette.

The e liquid bottle is handy as it can be put into your pocket without adding extra bulk. No one need know you have it!

“I am a heavy smoker and need strong nicotine. Will the bubblegum flavour come with high nicotine strength?”

The bubblegum flavour e liquid comes in varying strengths, and also comes in a super high strength for heavier smokers. This is perfect for anyone who needs an e liquid that matches their nicotine usage. For people who would like to cut down their nicotine intake, you can buy varying strengths and whittle them down, gradually weaning yourself off nicotine over time – until you have an e liquid with in nicotine in at all!