What Is E-Liquid and How Do I Use It?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

E-Liquid is a liquid used in the electronic cigarette, which contains nicotine. It consists of propylene glycol which is considered to be very safe by medical agencies. E-liquid also contains a flavour, this is meant to simulate the experience of normal smoking, but without the tobacco which is in normal cigarettes.

E-liquid is also known as other names, like e-juice, or nicotine liquid. Whatever you refer to it as, it all works in the same way.

It is usually sold in bottles and are dispensed per drop. You normally only need 2 or 3 drops in your e-cigarette for it to work so don’t overuse it. The e liquid is dripped into the refillable cartridge in the e cigarette, or straight into the atomiser, which is in the e cig.

It is then heated, and the vapour which is released is then inhaled but is totally safe. It can even be breathed in by people around you with no harm to their health.

To refill your e-cig, you will first need to open the cartridge. You should drip a small amount of the e-liquid into the cartomizer and then replace the filling. You can then close the cartridge. Make sure not to overload the e liquid into the atomizer. It should be full but not over spilling.

There is also an injection method for the refilling of the e liquid, which means you will need an injector. You can directly drop the e-liquid into the filling after drawing out 5 to 10 ml of e-liquid. You should deposit a small amount of e-liquid into the e cig and then repeat this at the bottom of the filler. You can then replace the cap and go about using your e cig.

You should make sure that after you’ve filled your e-cigarette, you should squirt any leftovers back into the bottle so that there is no wastage. Make sure you keep all your tools clean and also your e cig clean. This will lead to the best running of your e cigarette.

You can get your e liquid in various flavours, from coffee to chocolate to fruit! You can even choose traditional flavours of cigarettes so that you really can simulate the smoking and taste of a real cigarette. You won’t know the difference, but your lungs will as they will no longer be clogged up with tar and toxins like carbon monoxide!