Can I Vape at a Premier League Ground?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Every weekend during the football season, we head to grounds in our hundreds of thousands to watch the Premier League's finest players in the field. Do you know about the rules that should be followed inside the ground?

Do you know what you can do or not do inside the grounds? Do you know if vaping is allowed at a Premier League ground? The answer is straightforward; they don't.

Vaping is not allowed at all inside Premier League grounds. The rules are very clear about whether you can leave the ground to vape and then come back. This is also not allowed meaning that you have to wait until after the final whistle to vape.

So whenever you are going to watch a Premier League game, know that there is no vaping from the time or arrival to the final whistle. Or 10 minutes before the final whistle if your team is having one of those days...

It may be very tempting to use your e-cigarette at a Premier League ground. However, you have to be fully aware of the punishments you risk if you are caught.

Some of the football teams that will have you ejected from the ground if you are found breaking the rules include Manchester City, Manchester United, and Leicester City. Everton, on the other hand, say that they reserve the right to take away your season ticket.

West Bromwich Albion term the use of e-cigarettes in the ground 'a serious breach of the Terms and Conditions of entry'. Southampton say that using e-cigarettes 'would give the wrong impression' in light of the smoking ban.

Even though the severity of potential punishment varies from one football club to another, the bottom line is that vaping is not allowed in the Premier League ground.

Is this really a problem? Why should you vape inside the ground when you can use your e-cigarette outside the ground either before or after a game? There are also very many options for eating, drinking and socializing before you enter the ground where you can vape without any problems.

While 90 minutes may feel like a long time especially if your team is losing 5-0, it is not a very long time compared to a 3-hour blockbuster movies at the cinema.

Why spoil your good day inside the Premier League ground by vaping and yet you can do it some other time? Enjoy the game and vape after the 90-minute game. Sadly we cannot promise the same for the referees.