E Cigs: What You Should Know

April 29, 2022 3 min read

picture of a man smoking an ecig

You've just purchased your new e cigs online and are raring to get started. However, before you do that, you should know a few tips that will maximize your smoking electronic cigarettes experience and ensure that you save time and money.

 Before you use any new e cig kit, you have to charge it for 12 -24 hours. The exact time will vary according to brand but we recommend you read the manufacturer's instructions before you actually buy and use the kit. Almost all kits will also have blinkers or indicators will tell you tell you when the battery runs down.

  1. To ensure that your e-cig atomizer runs properly, you have to replace your vape liquids immediately. Do not drip e-liquid directly on to the atomizer. Clean the atomizer when you change brands to prevent blockage.
  3. If possible switch atomizers regularly. Atomizers tend to get clogged over long use and switching them in-between use will mean that your c cig will last longer.
  5. Start with a low nicotine dose. Remember that your lungs are not used to the concentrated hit of nicotine provided by e cigarettes. Start with the lowest dose possible and increase the dose slowly with time.
  7. Buy your e cigarette vape fluid in advance and let it steep for some time. This allows the nicotine to oxidize and lets the vape flavors mingle better. This is particularly true if your liquid is fresh and tastes funny. Allow it to sit for some time and chances are that the flavors will improve within a week.
  9. Shake your vape liquid before you refill or attach it. The liquid is a mixture of several different ingredients and shaking the liquid bottle will ensure that the flavors marry better leading to a much better smoking experience.
  11. We offer sampler packs in which you can taste the flavors of several different companies with the same nicotine concentration. This is a good way to understand flavors and pick the best. Do not use free samples as they usually have the liquid in a higher strength as compared to other liquids.
  13. Clean your unit regularly to ensure that it is free of deposits and dirt. This is necessary to ensure that the unit works properly. Some manufacturers also make liquids in different viscosities and this thickness may block your smoking unit.
  15. Start with a starter kit and then move on to expert level units. There is no significant difference in the units but if you are just learning how to use them; its best to start with a simple unit and then move upward to expert level kits.
  17. Manual units are also available in which you can press on a button to pull in the required amount of liquid. Automatic unit will run as long as the battery is powered.


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