April 29, 2022 3 min read

So when it comes to e-liquids, most people ask a similar set of questions about what it is that they are going to be smoking on a regular basis. Specifically, most people want to know exactly what is in these liquids and what that will mean for them. It’s a pretty fair ask, all things considered. You’ve got a lot of different options ahead of you, after all. 

So when it comes to premium juices, do those even exist at all? If so, what makes a liquid premium to begin with? Well, it’s difficult to narrow down exactly, but don’t worry. We’re going to take a good crack at it because we know that you’ll want the insider scoop.


Premium Prices 

Generally, what a lot of people would call a premium liquid is just one which costs a lot of money to sit back and smoke on a cool Saturday night.

You know the type - they’ve got expensive looking bottles, they taste damn good and they really do offer a lot. But are they really that premium edge you’ve been looking for? 


The problem is that a lot of it is down to what you might call false marketing. If you say that something is premium and you make it a big deal out of it, then there’s a good chance that a lot of people will think it is and this will, in turn, influence their experience. 

Don’t be fooled, though. More often than not, you’re paying for the same stuff, it’s just in a different bottle.


Does Premium Exist? 

Whether or not premium actually exists in the way that you’re thinking will depend on a couple of different things. We personally take the view that it doesn’t necessarily do this, unfortunately. 

See, here’s the issue. Premium is almost completely a matter of perspective. So, what you get is a collection of different options which heavily influence the whole thing, and you have to be prepared to stop and take a look at the different options and be a little more critical when it comes to influencing things. 

Premium eliquid is pretty subjective. Ultimately, that kind of undermines the concept of a premium range. It’s more to do with what you believe, want and look for in a liquid. To you, a run of the mill liquid might well be the best possible option out there, and that constitutes premium, see?

Offering the Best

Ultimately, we try to make sure that we can get the best possible options because we know how important they can be for you. That’s why we don’t necessarily have a premium range, more that we go for the best possible options regardless of who you are and what you’re doing.

We aim for those providers who have a good rep and have a lot of nifty products because we understand how important it can be for you to feel like your experience is one which is going to be a positive one. 

So, at the end of it all, you’ll get the type of experience which makes you feel like you’re getting premium, and you can rest easy. But ultimately, we disagree with the idea of charging a fat load of cash for a lineup which is objectively no better than the rest.


Final Thoughts 

So, premium, kinda a hoax. But hey, if it works for you, don’t let us stop you, you know? We’re not here to tell you how to do anything or how to spend your cash. It is entirely up to you to take a look at what’s on offer and find the type of system which is going to be suitable for your needs and experiences.

Like we said, we make sure that we give you the best possible options and make sure that your experiences are the best ones. What you choose to do with your experiences is therefore up to you, but we know how important it can be to make sure that you get the optimum experience. That’s why we make sure that you’ve got a broad selection, and that you can do whatever you need to find your flow in terms of e-liquids.