April 29, 2022 3 min read

Alright, let’s talk about the real important stuff. What is the best way to vape? We could sit down and disagree on this for many years, literally. It’s a point of contention in the office because we’ve all got a different opinion on what is going to be the best way to do things.

But, there’s a couple of things that we can all agree on when we actually sit down and talk about it like reasonable adults, and that’s why we thought we would share some of our conclusions with you. Here’s our take on the top vaping tips out there.

Your Kit is Pretty Vital 

First things first, your top vaping experience has got a lot to do with how you choose to do things, which means that your kit is going to okay a massive role in things. You need to make sure that you have the best possible kit if you want to make your experience a positive one, which is where you need to get smart.

If you’re on a basic e-cig, it’s time for an upgrade. You’ll want something you can tinker with at your own discretion - it means that you can work out exactly what settings will make your experience a good one. You need to take a look at what’s on offer to find the best possible options, because otherwise, how do you experience perfection? 

Experimentation is Everything

Yeah yeah, we know that we talk about this a lot, but it’s really not just a marketing gimmick to make you buy stuff, it’s a legitimate piece of advice.

You need to experiment if you’re going to find the best possible options for your e-cig. It’s all about stopping to mix and match coils, resistances, devices, liquids, and everything else. 

You’re not going to find the best possible options if you don’t take the time to look at what is on offer. It is so important to stop and check out all of the options. We’re not just saying it - if you don’t experiment, you may never discover a winning juice or find your ideal flow. 

Get a Good Provider 

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there in the past - a dud provider who can’t give you the goods that we need to make everything work out. You’ve got those people who charge you too much for too little and they’re a headache. 

It’s part of why we stepped into the ring to be honest - we didn’t want anyone to have to deal with it while we were around. But still, getting a good provider is everything for vaping in style and enjoying what you do. 

You need that top-shelf service which makes you feel like you’re a valued customer and that you’ve got options. There needs to be good customer service too, and a website or store that’s easy to get around. If you can’t get those things, what’s the point?

But for real, there are so many providers who aren’t actually worth the time or the hassle and they’re springing up a lot in lockdown and the related digital panic that’s emerging as a result of that. Don’t get caught out.


Final Thoughts 

So, if there’s one thing that we can confidently say when it comes to the world of e-cigs, it is that vaping needs to be done carefully and above all else, it needs to be done right. You’ve got to get this stuff right if you’re going to make the best possible go of it, and this is obviously not easy. 

When we set out to work out what the best tips for vaping were, you can bet that we did butt heads from time to time. Ultimately, that’s kind of the point of it all - there’s not a real proper way to smoke or whatever, but it’s more to do with what you consider to be important and the type of experiences that you try and go for. 

We work hard to make sure that you’ve got good experiences though, because we understand how important it can be for you. If you want more advice or some general help, don’t be afraid to get in touch.