April 29, 2022 2 min read

E liquids are, obviously, the main thing that you should be smoking in your vape, but that doesn't stop people from wondering what else can be put in their vape. Here we answer a couple of frequently asked questions around what you can put in your vape.


Can You Put Water in a Vape?

So it’s pretty standard for people to do some very strange things with their devices, and some people choose to smoke water. A lot of people ask whether this is safe, whether there will be any residual damage to their devices when they do it, so let’s take a look at whether it is a good idea, or something you should just not do.

To answer the question, yes, yes you can smoke water, but why would you want to do that? All you’ll be doing is smoking really hot steam. That’s not particularly sensible. It can be quite dangerous, with scalding being potentially quite a considerable issue, and your device can make some pretty worrying sounds like it’s about to explode, so it’s not recommended. By all means, you can, but it’s really not something which is typically done, and instead could you set you up to injuring yourself.


Can You Vape Tobacco?

So, one of the questions which we do tend to get from experienced smokers is whether they can use their tobacco in their new electronic cigarettes. It makes sense to stick with what you know, but the reality is a little bit different.

If you are referring to the actual tobacco leaves or flakes that you put into cigarettes, no, you can’t smoke them. All you’d be doing is clogging up your device, which will then cause problems later on, so you can’t do that. What you can do is get a lot of different liquids which closely mirror the taste and feel of tobacco, so you have, in essence, the electronic cigarette variation. It’s a good idea for people who are just trying to get used to the adjustment, but don’t ever try and load up your chamber with flakes, because you’re just running the risk of setting something on fire.