April 29, 2022 3 min read

You might not be surprised to discover that the same questions come up time after time
from our customers, and this is fair enough. So, we have put together a short set of
frequently asked questions and our preferred answers in order to try and help you out. If
you cannot see what you’re looking for, please let us know and will try and answer your
question specifically.

Can you vape when pregnant?

In all honesty, the answer to this question has to be no. There is not enough evidence on
offer to show whether any effects from vaping can pass to the foetus, and it is simply not
worth the risk. A few years back when vaping was much newer it was seen as a quick way to
get women to stop smoking during pregnancy, but actually, it is not much better for your
health at that particular time of life. So, with that in mind, we do not recommend vaping or
smoking when pregnant.

Can you use any e-liquid in any vape pen?

So again, the bottom line here is no, you cannot just use any illiquid in any vapour pen. The
fact is that liquids are not always compatible, and if you use the wrong fluid in your vape
you could end up with clogged coils, or a leaky tank and this means your vaping experience
will be significantly hindered. It is essential to have the correct liquid with the right vape
pen, so please do ask for advice. The main thing we need to know is what type of vape
device you have, whether it is a vape pen, box mod, or pod.

How long can you leave juice in a vape?

There is some debate on this one, and you may find different figures shown on the Internet;
however, in our opinion, you do not leave juice in a vape for longer than 14 days at a
maximum. It simply will dull the experience of vaping as the flavour deteriorates and the
liquid gets darker, which is not a good colour. You also need to bear in mind that the juice
itself has an expiration date which is usually about one year after it’s manufacture, but it will
be shown on the bottle.

Why does my vape taste burnt?

The most common reason a vape tastes burnt is that the wick has dried out. The wick is
inside your atomiser coil, and if it dries out, it burns when it is heating. You need to make
sure that the week is fully covered with liquid and soaked before you take a puff if not the
material will burn and it doesn’t taste very nice at all. With some vapes, you can simply
remove the element, soak it in some water, and remove any juice that’s become stuck
however in other cases a burnt coil may need to be replaced.

Why do vapes leak?

There are a few reasons why a veep might leak, the most common each user error. If you do
not fill the tank correctly and spill any liquid into the chimney, it will leak. Sometimes there
is a damaged O-ring which is the rubber ring at the tops and bottoms of tanks, and these
can be replaced. Another user error issue is leaving the tank lying on its side for too long. It
is better to keep it upright, especially when you are storing it or transporting it to avoid this
problem. The coil can also cause issues if it needs to be replaced, and this will happen with
age. Check that it is screwed in correctly and if it continues to leak consider replacing it.
Finally, you need to regularly clean your tank and vape by rinsing it with water and leaving it
to dry in the air overnight.

What is in vape?

This is another very common question, and the answer is that basically there are two main
ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). You might wonder what
unearth these are, and they sound a little bit scary, but they are entirely safe in this
situation. Vegetable glycerin is used as a sweet flavour in many different things in the food
industry as well as the skincare industry; it is also found in medicines. The only problem with
this is it is a very thick liquid which wouldn’t work because it needs to be thinner for the
tank. So, propylene glycol is used to dilute it, and again it is used in food, medicine and
skincare products, so it is totally safe. Some vapes contain nicotine which is one of the
reasons why it is used for people who are quitting smoking others don’t. And finally, you
have the flavourings which as you know vary vastly.