Celebrities Who Love E-Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 2 min read

It was only a matter of time before the ever growing trend of electronic cigarettes hitting Hollywood. We all now can honestly say for the first time I believe that we—the normal citizens—may have started a trend before celebrities? We all have been puffing on a e cig for quite some time now, but the growing appearances and sightings of famous people is telling.

They want in.

Here are some of the biggest celebrities who love E-Cigarettes.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo was recently caught on film at the Screen Actors Guild Award vaping. Which isn’t anything new consider the amount of times he has been on the losing end of that illustrious best actor Oscar, but will it be his year?

We have a feeling this year though Leo, and we suggest you puff that e-cig all the way up to the stage!

Tom Hardy

The mega-superstar Tom Hardy has joined in on the craze. The man begged for his own, much like Cowell did and that is exactly what Mad Max got!

Katy Perry

Pop mega-icon-star Katy Perry has been a favorite for the tabloids and breaking celebrity news stories. None really have ever amounted to anything—why?

Because Katy Perry is actually good wholesome individual and she just so happens to enjoy a puff on the e-cigarette. With many paparazzi thinking they got another story to blow out of proportion Katy can puff on her electronic cigarette without a care in the world!

Simon Cowell

The former American Idol superstar and now X-Factor—Judge made headlines when X-Factor executives came down on the Englishman for smoking inside the studio.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine’s superstardom didn’t last too long after her last run on Greys Anatomy. She found great success being apart of the now legendary picture knocked up. But she still has been portrayed to media as a “goody-goody” kind of girl. So when she pull out her e-cigarette on David Letterman the world was in disbelief.
With celebrity superstars like these now getting on board with e-cigarettes, there really is no telling when this will ever slow down, we expect nothing but more and more celebs to pull out their e-cig a take a puff, on-camera or not. With celebrities jumping on the trend it will only inject a turbo boost in growth as electronic cigarettes become more and more appealing for old traditional smokers.

We believe that this one is to be continued….