The Advantages of a Smoke Free Life

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Young people drinking beer outdoors

Making the move from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is a big deal. It means giving up tobacco completely, which is a lifestyle change that many people want to embrace. However, if you go this route, what benefits can you expect?


E-cigs Don't Smell Badly


Because e-cigarettes do not burn, there is no tobacco smoke associated with their use. As a result, using e-cigs is a fairly odourless experience. This is great news for smokers that routinely worry about cigarette smoke lingering in their homes, on their clothes and even on their skin. In addition, cigarette smoke leads to bad breath as well, a problem that electronic cigarette users do not need to worry about.


E-cigs are different. The vapour simply dissipates, which means that there is very little opportunity for any of it to attach to your person. In addition, the vapor itself typically smells good, often like spearmint or fruit.


Stains and Tar: A Thing of the Past


There is no tar in e-cigs. As a result, electronic cigarettes do not need filters. Filters try and capture the toxic chemical residue so that it is not harmful.


Have you ever noticed a brown substance on a cigarette filter? That is tar. It impacts smokers in a number of negative ways. For example, it can turn their teeth yellow and stain the skin on their fingers.


Nicotine also plays a role in the staining process. Nicotine can affect both the teeth and the nails, turning them an unsightly shade of yellow. Only smokers of cigarettes need to worry about this side effect, however. The use of e-cigs does not lead to staining or discolouration.


The Advantages of Going Smoke Free


Smoking regular cigarettes leads to the production of ash. Ash can get on your furniture and clothing, sometimes damaging your personal effects.


In addition, cigarettes produce heat and smoke. This causes many smokers to squint as they are using the cigarettes, which leads to early wrinkles. This is one reason why smokers often look much older than they really are. In addition, cigarette smoke damages the color and texture of the skin.


Even though there is no smoke involved when using an e-cigarette, the experience can mimic that of using a regular cigarette. Users receive the nicotine they are craving and also have something that they can hold and put to their lips. There are a lot of e-liquid flavours available as well as Simply eLiquid.