Celebrity Vaping

April 29, 2022 3 min read

E Cig Making its Way Onto The Silver Screen

I was flicking through the TV guide the other night after catching up on the latest Coronation Street episode, I know... please don’t judge me, when I found that I had landed on the movies page. The night was young and after flicking through streams and streams of pages I decided to stick a film on. You know when you’re in that mood to watch a film but are really picky about what you actually want to watch? Well that was how I was feeling. I made myself a drink, grabbed a packet of Asda’s finest 'smart price' sweets out of the cupboard and got myself comfy on my couch. After reading through the movie synopses of multiple films I decided to watch the Tourist. Now if you can imagine a film that combines two of the hottest commodities in Hollywood combined with it being a dark, French- thriller and well you have the making of the Tourist. For what ultimately sounds like a fantastic plot on paper, the execution of the movie leaves little to be desired. It is a sort of romantic, comedic and mysterious hybrid that to be honest was quite confusing at times as I wasn’t sure what type of reaction the film was trying to evoke.

Anyway this isn’t a film review and to cut a long story short the reason I mentioned it was because as I was watching the movie I noticed Johnny Depp using an e cig during a scene whilst travelling on a train. Jonny Deep is renowned for smoking cigarettes in many of his other films which made me think why he chose to convert to the electronic cigarette in this one. Could he be using the smokeless device for the very simple reason that he has started to value his health or was this a marketing ploy by a clever e cig company in getting this Hollywood hunk to promote their product to a large audience through film?

Celebrity Vapors

Johnny Depp however isn’t the only celebrity to jump on board and join the ever growing vaping community, there have been many ‘A listers’ that have been spotted making the switch in the last few years. Here we can see a few of them:

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Inception and Titanic star was first spotted whilst out riding his bike in arguably the world’s most famous city, New York, using an electronic cigarette. Since then he is regularly seen vaping away during film sets

Charlie Sheen

I am sure you have all heard of the name Charlie Sheen. Probably most known for his role in the sitcom Two and a Half Men, the world’s most expensive TV actor has launched his own e cigarette company called NicoSheen.

Ronnie Wood

Rolling Stones guitarist, Ronnie Wood, was notorious for his and his fellow band mates love for the excess. The very fact that he has been seen sporting an e cig clearly shows that they are no novelty item.

Britney Spears

This teen beauty shot straight to stardom at a young age, however the early fame took its toll and in recent years she has been the centre of mass media attention. From wild nights out with partying companion Paris Hilton to shaving off her hair, Miss Spears had been providing the media with ample ammunition – however in 2008 her parenting skills came under fire as pictures emerged showing the mum of two smoking in front of her son as he played with the cigarette packet. Fast-forward a few years and Britney seems to have learnt her lesson as she can now be seen using an electric cigarette to satisfy her nicotine craving.

Lindsay Lohan

Another one of life’s extremists when it comes to the partying scene, Lindsay Lohan reportedly made the switch to e cigs after her father become concerned with her health due to her extreme smoking habit.

So Why Make The Change?

There are multiple reasons celebs have decided to ditch the once cool white little stick for its electronic replacement. Here are a few:

• Health / Looks:

For people who are photographed on a daily basis e cigs allow celebs to ‘smoke’ the healthy way whilst maintaining their youthful and healthy appearance.

• Environment:

There are many celebrities who are now in support of being ‘green’. Using e cigs only legitimises their claim. By heating the nicotine e liquid the e cig converts the liquid to a vapor that the user inhales.

• Convenience:

Electronic cigarettes can be used almost anywhere from clubs to restaurants and movie sets unlike their unhealthy alternative.

• They’re Cool:

Celebrities are famous for keeping up with the current trends – it would be un-cool of them not to be using one!!