The War On Electronic Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 3 min read

It’s the old story of good vs. bad, hero vs. villain and electronic cigarettes vs. the media. I am sure if you are an avid vaper you will be all too aware of the occasional article wrote by the press claiming that electronic cigarettes are bad for your health.

Ok let’s just step back one moment and actually correlate the facts and take a look at the wider picture. The true fact of the matter is there has been limited research that has been performed on the e cig but out of all that research there has been no concrete evidence stating that they are detrimental to a users health and that they do not work in aiding a smoker to quit. This leads us onto the latest article which can be found on the Daily Mail entitled ‘Electronic cigarettes ‘DON’T help fight addiction and cause harm to health’. This article has been written on the back of a warning from the Italian Health Ministry stating ‘the e-cigarette as 'less toxic' but warned it was not 'totally innocuous'.

Firstly the opening statement in that title ‘electronic cigarettes don’t help fight addiction’ is false and very misleading to the reader. After reading this article I was very interested to read the comments of others and I wasn’t surprised by what I read. All of the comments left behind backed up the electronic cigarette including ones from people who have used the device to help them to quit smoking.

Secondary ‘they cause harm to health’ is very relative. What doesn’t cause harm to people’s health nowadays? The irony here however is that while people are in full support of treatments like the supply of Methadone to help heroin addicts they condone electronic cigarettes to help nicotine addicts. While electronic cigarettes generally contain nicotine the difference is it can be controlled by the user. One of the best features of the e cig is the ability to slowly wean yourself off your dependence for nicotine by gradually decreasing the strength in the e liquid.

Another of the supporting arguments against the electronic cigarettes is that they can lead young people onto real cigarettes. Again this argument is invalid! Even though these devices are used by some socially they were initially designed to help people to stop smoking. If a young person decides to use the electronic cigarette as a fashion gadget to look ‘cool’ this is not the fault of the device itself but rather the user. While some people see video games as a means of entertainment others blame them for the increased violence seen in modern society. The point that is trying to be made here is that you cannot blame something for a fault that is on the user’s part – the fact of the matter is e cigs are effective at helping people to quit smoking as seen by the countless testimonials by users online who state that they do in fact work.

With around 100,000 people each year in the UK dying from smoking, smokers need all the help they can get to help them beat their addiction. What is your opinion? Do you think that electronic cigarettes are a helpful aid to help a smoker to quit or do you think they do more harm then good?

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