Creative Anti-Smoking Ads Part Deux

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Last month I came across the worst anti smoking ad whilst browsing the net that was so bad it inspired me to write an article featuring some of the most creative anti smoking ads that have ever been created. Seriously if you haven’t already seen it then check it out here, trust me this will be no wasted click and if you are a smoker who knows maybe one of these might trigger something deep inside of you and help you to quit.

So today I thought I would write a part deux to the original but this time featuring the best video ads. Some would argue that video is a much more powerful media type than its static counterpart as it can invoke a whole series of emotions through the use of imagery and sound. Below I have compiled my top 6 anti smoking video ads which I believe are great at conveying the anti-smoking message :

Video 1 - Childen Smoking

This video produced by Ogilvy Thailand for the Thai Health Promotion is perhaps my favourite of the bunch. Who’s ever brain child this was seriously deserves a medal as I honestly think this ad is brilliant in its simplicity. By informing the children of the negative effects of smoking they subconsciously remind themselves of the dangers they are doing to themselves.

Video 2 - Lost Parent

[Warning] Get the hankies out now, you will need them!!!!

Let’s be honest nobody has quite perfected the art of using cheap and manipulative tricks in order to turn us into crying babies than commercial directors. I am sure you have all seen the adverts where they bring in what must be the cutest dog known to man, take away its favourite toy to bring out the puppy dog eyes and then film it. Awww look at the sad little doggy. Now send a donation!!! It’s the oldest trick in the book but it works. This anti smoking video has used this technique to perfection, I don’t care who you are if this doesn’t make you choke up then you must have a heart of stone.

Video 3 - The Dangers Of Smoking

If you’re not a fan of gore or anything of a graphical nature then I suggest you don’t play the next clip. What I like about this ad is there are no hidden subliminal messages or play on words, it gets straight to the point and really doesn’t mess around when delivering the anti smoking message. Smoking damages your body...FACT!!!!

Video 4 - Invisible Killer

What we don’t see can’t hurt us...right? Erm, wrong!!! Smoking as we all know doesn't just harm the smoker but also people in the vicinity of the smoke. This ad brilliantly illustrates this by showing the room full of smoke on one sweep of the room and then again once the smoker looks showing the room completely smoke free. Sometimes because the smoke is not always easily visible it is easy for a smoker to forget  about the effects smoking has on others around them. Smoking doesn't make you a bad parent, smoking near your children does.

Video 5 - Save a Life

First of all it is not cool to draw on your friends car window no matter if you have had an epiphany or not. However what is cool is the fact the woman in this advert upon seeing the anti-smoking billboard about the dangers of smoking and being pregnant decided to quit smoking. Again like many other smoking adverts this one reminds the smoker that their actions can have deadly consequences on others, in this case their unborn innocent child.

Video 6 -  Tumour Mutation

The last video in my collection launched by the Department of Health sets the scene with a very miserable looking bleak day which features a man smoking a cigarette outside in his back yard. This may not sound very special but by using graphic imagery this anti smoking advert shows smokers the damage that they are doing to their bodies on the inside. Upon the man’s first drag a tumour forms on the inside of the cigarette and with every subsequent drag the tumour increases in size. I don't know about you but If I was a smoker this would make me think twice.

Smoking kills around 100,000 people in the UK each year. If you want to help those that are hooked on smoking please share this article - the more people who see these, the more people we can help.