Alex Ferguson Chewed His Way To Success

April 29, 2022 4 min read

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Yesterday was a very sad day for football. The beautiful game lost one of the best managers...sorry the best manager, ever to embrace the game. I remember sitting down next to my dad and watching this man, if you can call him that, on television. His passion and love for the game never wavered in all the 26 years he was at the helm of the best British football club, Manchester United. I feel it a privilege to have been witness to Sir Alex as he took on an average football club back in the late 1980s and transformed and remodeled it into his own image acquiring 38 trophies along his very successful management career.

The End Of An Era

Whether you love or hate him, it’s hard to find any true football fan that doesn't hold the utter most respect for Ferguson and his dominance of English football. It was only 4 days ago Sir Alex said “I don’t have any plans to walk away from something special” only to make a U turn 3 days later by making the decision to retire. “The decision to retire is one I've thought a great deal about and one I have not taken lightly”. It is not known whether his health has any part to play in this monumental decision or the 71 year old man just feels it’s the right time to call it a day after already knocking Liverpool off their perch and recently claiming United’s 20 title.

Sir Alex has always had a no nonsense policy and has demanded the very best out of his players. When he arrived at the club he made it clear that things would be run his way in order to move the club in a forward fashion. In his own words he said “When I arrived at United, I was astonished to find that there was a club rule forbidding players to drink alcohol ‘less than two days before a game’. I replaced that feeble prohibition instantly with a rule that made it an offence for any player to drink while he was in training. Of course, I knew there was no way that ban would be observed but at least the new wording was a declaration of my attitude.” He understood that to be the best his players had to be in the best physical and mental condition possible. Two players named Paul McGrath and Norman Whiteside who chose to ignore the Scots warnings were shown the door after constantly abusing their bodies, mainly with excessive alcohol consumption. Ferguson also gave smoking the red card at the club and made it explicitly clear he didn't want his players to use cigarettes.

No Smoke Without Fire

In stories that made the headlines Wayne Rooney apparently had a run in with Fergie after photos emerged in papers of the £250,000 a week striker having a smoke back in 2010. The fiery Scot has always taken a dim view of off field incidents that could potentially damage the clubs image and made it clear to Wayne that his behaviour was unacceptable...especially having a pre season friendly only days after.

Should Players Have The Right To Smoke?

I have had many a debate in the past with friends over this precise issue – should footballers have the choice to smoke? I personally believe that no matter how much they are paid and this that and the other at the end of the day if the club which they are a part of says they don’t want players to smoke then that should be it, full stop. If you don’t like the rules then they know where the door is, it really is as simple as that. Sure a player might be addicted before joining United but I am sure the club will help them in every way possible to help them to quit.

Chewing His Way To Success

As I am sure many of you who watch United know Sir Alex is no stranger to chewing gum. While it is not known the exact reason he seems to chew through packet after packet of gum it has been suggested that he started to help him curb his own smoking addiction. Chewing gum has also been credited with helping to alleviate stress which lets be honest with the amount of injury time, aka Fergie time, come backs Manchester United have amounted over the years it’s a wonder Wrigley’s can meet his chewing gum demands.

Although It is not yet known who will be his successor, David Moyes, manager of Everton FC, is the bookies favourite with the ‘Special One’ in close second it will take a special individual to take control of the club. I wish the new gaffer all the luck as in the world as taking control after Ferguson will be no easy task.

Through his high expectations and love for the game Ferguson has not only remodeled United but also English football as a whole. After building team after team of champion winning sides Sir Alex has set the high standard in which other teams have had to try and emulate in order to compete. I am proud to have been a part of his journey and wish him all the best for the future.

Are You Looking To Quit?

If you are a footballer looking to quit smoking in order to become a better athlete and using chewing gum like Ferguson doesn't appeal to you there are other methods such as e cigarettes that can help you rid yourself of the expensive and damaging regular cigarettes. By using electronic cigarettes you can slowly wean your way off the nicotine and can even purchase no nicotine e liquid in which to vape. E cigs provide the user with a familiar way in which to quit smoking as by using the device the user mimics all the actions they would use when smoking.

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