Dangers of Vaping Alcohol

April 29, 2022 2 min read

The Latest Crazy Method To Get Drunk

Creative ways to ingest alcohol are nothing new…but like many of the other odd ways people have dreamed up to get intoxicated, “vaping alcohol” is very dangerous.  The trend has swept across bars and student digs across the country and many participants are ignorant of the effects of it.

Vaping Alcohol Can Have Serious Health Implications

There was a trend not so long ago for doing “eyeball shots” where young people would douse their open eye with a short blast of spirits…the eye absorbed the alcohol far faster than drinking it could. Similarly people have been known to snort alcohol in the same manner as they might snort class A drugs…this can cause real problems for those taking part.

And now there’s a trend to vape alcohol and experts are warning against it as consequences can be fraught with danger. When alcohol vapour is inhaled, it bypasses the stomach and liver and goes straight to the brain and bloodstream. The alcohol is more potent because it is not being metabolized in the usual way…meaning participants become very drunk very quickly….it’s also hard for people to judge how much alcohol they are using at one sitting.

The Effects Without The Calories

Some participants think that vaping alcohol is a good way to avoid putting on the weight associated with alcoholic drinks but in actual fact the health risks of ingesting it in this way far outweigh the health risks of a small weight gain.

When the lungs are made to inhale something other than air, they react and could lead to bronchospasm.in addition to lung infections. These risks are in addition to the risk of overdosing and becoming very sick indeed.

There are a variety of ways that people are ingesting alcohol in this fashion and all are to be avoided…vaping alcohol is dangerous and could seriously damage your lungs, nasal passages or respiratory tract.