Indoor E Cig Vaping Ban Wanted by World Health Organisation

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Who Wants To Ban Indoor Vaping

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have expressed a desire that vaping should be banned indoors.  Despite the fact the E-cigarettes produce only vapour and not smoke WHO are still stating that the helpful devices should not be allowed to be used indoors.

In a statement WHO even admitted that E-cigarettes emit lower levels of toxins than traditional cigarettes do. WHO have stuck by their beliefs despite the fact that studies show that smokers who use E Cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking have more success than those who use patches or gum.

"No Evidence Of Any Harm To Bystanders From The Use Of These Devices"

Action on Smoking and Health’s director of policy and research Hazel Cheeseman has responded to WHO’s claims by stating that there was “no evidence of any harm to bystanders from the use of these devices.”

She added that, “Smoking kills 100,000 people in the UK alone. Smokers who switch to using electronic cigarettes in whole or in part are likely to substantially reduce their health risks.”

Electronic Cigarettes Helping People To Quit Worldwide

It’s certainly true that E-Cigarettes are already helping many people to quit smoking for good…one only has to look at the widespread and growing use of them on the high street to see the evidence that smokers feel that stopping the use of nicotine is far easier with the help of an E-Cigarette.

Research is ongoing with Cancer Research UK funding much-needed new research into E-Cigarettes but the knowledge already held indicates that people are 60% more likely to stop smoking when using E-Cigarettes than they are using nicotine replacements such as gum or patches… and as people begin to question the blind trust previously held in many large organisations it is probable that the public will largely make up their own mind regarding their use of E-Cigarettes. Sales are booming and the number of smokers in the UK is falling…these are undeniable facts which surely speak for themselves.

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