Do Smokers Really Need Protection From Themselves?

April 29, 2022 1 min read

Should Cigarette Taxes Be Increased Again?

Increase taxes and smokers will be forced to quit saving hundreds of millions of lives. Sounds good in theory but is this really the way to go? Is it fair to keep picking on smokers or do they need intervention to help them to quit and live healthier lives?

Experts claim tripling the tax on cigarettes would save around 200 million premature deaths from lung cancer. The new tax hike would also close the price gap that is currently seen between the cheapest and most expensive cigarettes which would encourage people to quit rather than switch to a cheaper brand.

In the UK, in 2010, 42,000 people were diagnosed with long cancer reported Cancer Research UK. 34900 people were known to have died from the disease in 2010.

Smoking into old age can potentially take away 10 years off your life however a new study has found that quitting smoking at a young age could potentially help a smoker to regain much of the decade that they would have lost if they had continued to smoke cigarettes.

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Raising Taxes On Cigarettes By A Third Would Stop People Smoking Saving Millions Of Lives