Want To Quit Smoking? Partner Up!

April 29, 2022 2 min read

A study into the influence of partner behavior shows that you are more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle if your partner is making the commitment with you.

I suppose when you think about it this makes perfect sense? I know from my own personal experiences that having someone to support you and follow the same path that you are following can make a massive difference. Take going to the gym for example - during the cold, dark, winter months there have been days when I would rather retreat to the underside of my blanket and never reappear but it was my significant other that quite literally dragged me out of bed. If it wasn't for her I would most probably have never walked through those gym doors again until the Sun decided to show her face again.

Having someone to pick you up during those hard times is vital, and it is not just a one way thing. Both of you can support each other when ever you hit a bump in your new found health driven road and make sure you both stay committed to the cause.

People More Likely To Quit Smoking, Exercise & Lose Weight As Couples

Among the participants in the study just under 20% gave up smoking, 44% of the inactive participants became active and 15% of those overweight shed more than 5% of there body weight.

50% of the women smoker participants managed to give up smoking if their partner gave up during the same period compared to only the 8% that continued to smoke.

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