E-Cigarettes Replace Old and Traditional Smoking in the UK

April 29, 2022 2 min read

If you are a smoker then it’s likely you will have heard of the latest product available on the market, electronic cigarettes.  If you haven’t yet come across one then in short, electronic cigarettes are shaped like regular cigarettes but they are powered by batteries and provide the smoker with a hit of e-liquid, a concoction which contains a dose of nicotine.  It isn’t as much as in regular cigarettes but enough to provide the smoker with a hit.  As electronic cigarettes work by producing a vapour which in inhaled, therefore not producing any smoke it is known as ‘vaping’ and not ‘smoking.’


The habit of holding a cigarette between your fingers is hard for some people to shake off, which is why e cigarettes are so popular. They even light up at the end like a real cigarette!

Electronic cigarettes are being called the healthy alternative to smoking, as the vapour inhaled contains only the nicotine and not the other harmful elements of a regular cigarette.  As experts tend to agree that there is nothing too damaging in nicotine other than it’s addictive nature, they are also said to be useful for anyone who is looking to quit smoking and needs a cheap and simple quitting aid. A smoker can gradually wean their nicotine habit by purchasing eliquid with different strengths until a very low strength is required.

With the success of the smoking ban in the UK and the overall de-glamorisation of regular cigarettes, many people believe electronic cigarettes will receive a surge in popularity.  A number of celebrities have also been seen using electronic cigarettes in recent months.

Another reason for the popularity in e cigarettes is the variety and choice it offers users. This includes in both the strength of nicotine in the eliquid (which includes zero, if you want this) as well as the flavour of the eliquid itself. You can purchase anything from coffee to pina colada and everything in between!

E cigarettes also come in different shapes and sizes with different functions depending on the kind of smoker you are. You can buy manual and automatic electronic cigarettes and you can even personalise them to suit your tastes and style. For example, a pink one that fits perfectly in your hand bag.