Electronic Cigarette vs Regular Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Electronic Cigarette vs Regular Cigarettes Infographic

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Electronic Cigarette Vs Regular Cigarettes

You cannot turn a street corner, read a magazine or even buy a packet of cigarettes without reading how harmful smoking is to our health. There are many ways a smoker can quit smoking including:

• Going Cold Turkey - The hardest method of all which involves a lot of will power and mental strength

• NRT - Nicotine Replacement Therapy includes nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nasal spray. These provide the user with a hit of nicotine without exposing them to the rest of the harmful chemicals which smoking regular cigarettes would.

• Meditation - It is believed that if you clear your mind and focus your thoughts you can beat your addictions just through being in a relaxed and focused state.

• Acupunture - Unblocking negative energy through the insertion of thin needles is said to be able to be good for beating addictions and curing illnesses.

• Hypnosis - Being induced into a state of complete relaxation - a trained therapist is said to be able to find your thoughts that hold your nicotine addition and break them down and replace them with a more positive way of thinking.

• Electronic Cigarette - Electronic Cigarettes allow the using to completely mimic the smoking experience however the big difference is that e cigs are much healthier as they don't contain all the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

The infographic above puts the most modern of the quit smoking products the electronic cigarette up against the cigarette.Who will come out victorious

Round 1:

Winner E Cig - The regular cigarette leaves your clothes, hair, breath and overall home smelling of smoke whereas the e cig leaves no smell at all.

Round 2:

Winner E Cig: Regular cigarettes contain over 7000 harmful chemicals. E Cigs on the other hand are much healthier containing propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), artifical flavourings and nicotine (providing you smoke a a nicotine e liquid).

Round 3:

Winner E Cig: Unlike regular cigarettes, e cigs do not yellow your teeth and fingernails.

Round 4:

Winner E Cig: Regular cigarettes produce messy ash and can burn clothes and furniture unlike its electronic equivalent.

Round 5:

Winner E Cig: Electronic cigarettes offer a wide range of flavours for the user to choose from where regular cigarettes are very limited when it comes to flavourings. E liquid flavours include chocolate, apple, cherry, bubblegum, cheesecake, strawberry, RY4, cola and many more.

Round 6:

Winner E Cig: Electronic cigarettes can be smoked indoors unlike cigarettes which since the smoking ban have been banned from all in door places.

Round 7:

Winner E Cig: The electronic cigarette is very green and can be recycled where as the cigarette is usually found lying on a street floor after use.

Round 8:

Winner E Cig: Electronic cigarettes don't require tress to be cut down for tobacco whereas the cigarette is solely responsible for around the destruction of 600 million trees a year.

Round 9:

Winner E Cig: The electronic cigarette long term (after the purchase of the device) is very cost effective unlike smoking which costs the user £££ every year.


Its a knockout performance from the e-cig, seeing it beat the cigarette in every round. After this one vs one battle it is clear who is victorious...